Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Silly Lily

Just a couple of funny pictures of little Lily that were taken this past week:

This is where I found her after I got out of the shower one morning. She had taken most of her toys out of this chest and was sitting in there play for a very long time! It sure made getting ready easy for me because usually she just follows me around and gets into my make-up when I'm trying to put it on! She is definitely a girl :)

Sporting her dress up shoes while being almost naked! I was working out and she comes up to me wearing these and says "look mommy". She cracks me up.

Other than being cute ( and sometimes naughty!!) she is saying so much these days and is putting together full on sentences. She also knows about the baby. If you ask her where the baby is she'll usually say "in mama's tummy." Sometimes she'll randomly say "in mama's tummy, growing, high as the sky." Not sure where the high as the sky came from!! But it sure made me laugh! And tonight, to get her to go to bed, I ask her if she wants me to carry her or if she wants to crawl (she's into crawling when she's supposed to go to bed-whatever works!) So she says to me, "ummm....crackers?" She sure knows how to work me into staying up later! I said no to the crackers and she decided to crawl! This summer marks a big one for us as we will move her into a "big girl" bed and try to potty train! I'm scared...but excited for the changes because that means a baby will be coming! We get to find out the baby's sex on June 25th!!! I wish it was sooner but I'll take what I can get!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lily's FIRST haircut!

Well, not a full on haircut, but a trim!
It was time. I was sick of food getting in the ends of her hair and her crying whenever I comb her hair! I just wanted to take a little off the ends-and she has great curls at the end and they were starting to go away! Anyway, she did an amazing job! I was really worried on how she'd react to a complete stranger (to her, not me) cutting her hair, but she just sat there. No crying, not even saying to me "hold you" (her way of wanting me to hold her!), nothing. She was a gem! Here's some fun pictures:

Smiling as she was just getting started! Janna (my hairdresser) was so good with her and let Lily pick out her own cape and everything.

She's zoning out! I had a sucker for a back-up in case she started to freak out. Apparently she'd never had a sucker before, because she didn't know how to lick it! I showed her over and over and she'd kinda put her mouth on it. But she mainly just held it in her hand. It's hard to see, but it's in her left hand!

How she "sucked" on her sucker! She'd basically just put her lips to it and kinda kiss it. It was hilarious!

After her hair was done being cut, Janna wanted to try curling her hair. I said to her "good luck!" I've tried before but she hates it. But does she hate it when a complete stranger does it? Of course not! I was amazed. She just kept staring at herself in the mirror! This girl can be so strange to me sometimes! :)

The finished look! Isn't she adorable?!! I love her cheesy smile and the fact that she's still just holding her sucker!

Another cheesy smile, but at least she's looking at the camera! And half of my mom's face-sorry about that! She brought Lily because I was already there getting my hair done and afterwards just took her back to her house for a nap. I also think Lily did so well because her appt. wasn't until 1 pm-which is when she goes down for a nap! But she was in and out in 15 minutes! I'm hoping I'll be able to curl her hair one of these days! I'm so proud of her for doing so well!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Yup, I've got a bump and I'm feeling big!
At 9 1/2 weeksAt 12 weeks!

People, I'm scared! I'm secretly (only secretly!) hoping that maybe there's 2 in there still?! I have had ultrasounds, but I've heard stories of the second baby hiding behind the first one! I really doubt there is though! I just need to work on being THANKFUL that I'm pregnant in the first place and not worry about the weight right?! God is soo good!!!

And here's the little baby at 10 weeks! The baby was super active during the ultrasound too. My doctor was really nice and just let me stare at "it" moving around for a while. So fun! We find out next month what we're having! YAY!

Of course I had to include a picture of my sweet Lily (who wasn't so sweet to me on Mother's Day but that's a whole other story!) A trip to Costco = a fun box for her to play in! Who knew she'd like cardboard more than her toys?!