Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

 Started off the morning with eating some yummy, sugary, pumpkin cinnamon rolls! Super easy and delicious. Gotta love getting recipes from pinterest!

 Happy Halloween from Rapunzel and our little basketball player!
 We met up with our friends, the Steiner's, and trick-or-treated with them for a bit. Jameson wasn't too sure what to think of Josiah's costume!
We trick-or-treated at the Bernard's house where Leandra and Kevin was having their small group as well! Fun to see familiar faces! We also started off by trick or treating at each of our parents' house where the kids got MORE than candy! Those kids are sure loved by their grandparents! Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Just some fun little photos for ya'll to enjoy!

 The kids enjoying the hot tub! Don't worry, it wasn't that hot and AJ and I were right beside them as they played! This is their new favorite thing to do with their daddy!
 Um, can you say saggy diaper?! We're too cheap to use swim diapers so his regular one filled up real quick!
 Love his hair! Reminds me of a woodpecker! :)
 A cardboard box = loads of fun!
 Lily made a house and Jameson was a part of it. They are playing really well together these days!
 Jameson loves being outside rain or shine! AJ was getting ready to mow the lawn and put ear muffs on him!
 He LOVES riding with AJ while he mows the lawn.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but Jameson has a giddy little smile on his face. Anything to do with a lawn mower and he is a happy boy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't give up on me!

Yikes. Over a month since my last post!!! I've had lots of ideas in my head of what to write about, but I'm just too lazy to sit at the computer and type them all out! Anyway, let's start with my brother getting married!!! My brother, Joel, got married to his sweetheart, Katie, on September 9th in Ocean Park where Katie's parents own a Bible camp-and it's right on the beach! It was a beautiful weekend and the weather was perfect!

Here is our super nice cabin we got to stay in! The kids loved watching movies on the wall!

The kids enjoying the bunks! I didn't let Jameson sleep in one, but they had a blast playing in them.

And he STILL hates the beach. Weirdo!

Lily still loves it! Isn't she so cute?!

The theme for the rehearsal dinner was Tacky Hawaiian!

My adorable parents.

And my adorable sister Leandra and her husband Kevin.

The Bride and Groom! Isn't Joel's outfit AWESOME?! :)

It's wedding day! All of the guests posed with these frames for Joel and Katie's guest book. Such a great idea!!

Joels' groomsmen and band mates played the opening music for the wedding.

The kiss!!!

Yay!!! Mr. and Mrs.!!!

Katie's brother, Kyle, was the ring bearer while Leandra and I were the flower girls. No joke.

The super cute decorations

I LOVE this picture!! Lily was so obsessed with Katie being the "wedding girl" and was mesmerized by her and her beautiful dress!
They had bottles of orange crush and coke!! So cool!
Jameson being....well, Jameson!

All the guests had free time for about 2 hours after we ate! People walked on the beach, played football, or pickleball like Katie!!!
Katie was such a beautiful bride and Joel looked great too!! Congratulations you two! We are SO happy for you guys!!!!