Friday, September 26, 2008

Toilet Paper=FUN!

These pictures are a bit dated (like 2 weeks ago) but I just had to share them! I bought some toilet paper and had it sitting in our front room while I unloaded the rest of the groceries. I hear Lily being mischievous and go to find her and here she is coming toward me carrying the whole pack of paper! It was quite funny. She was grunting and everything like it was so heavy!

She's so strong!

Then, she proceeds to put it down on the floor and realizes how much fun she could have if she stood on the toilet paper!

And even how much more fun it would be to JUMP on the toilet paper!

(don't you just love the ponytail? I can't believe her hair is pretty much long enough to pull it back . She's still got a bit of a mullet-esque in the front, but it'll grow!)

This girl will play with anything BUT her own toys! She'd rather play with tupperware, hair bows, spoons, bowls, cups, water bottles, etc. Why do I buy her toys when she'd rather play with household items?!

I will also say that I think we've officially hit the "Terrible 2's"!! OH NO. She is whiny, she throws tantrums if all I do is say "no" to her, she refuses to eat anything-but grapes of course, and is just not the same little Lily! And she's getting into EVERYTHING! All of my drawers, the kitchen drawers, etc. Even when I'm loading the dishwasher she has to be there and grabs whatever I put in and takes it away to go play with it! And when I'm putting make-up on in the morning, she loves to reach her hand in my drawer and pull anything out that she can and tries to open it. I can't even put make-up on in peace! I'm a bit scared-can't you tell?! But I will say today has been a great day. She took a random morning nap and woke up at 12pm and hasn't slept since! Oh, I've tried. She just won't have it! She's quite cute though because she loves to say "All d" for all done. And the last time I tried to lay her down she's screaming/crying in her crib saying "all d, all d!" I eventually gave up and she'll just go to bed early tonight! But she's been really well-behaved all day. Go figure. No nap=good Lily? Crazy! I can't wait till this stage is over-it's definitely been the hardest thus far. I just need to remember that she's a gift from God and I need to lean on Him for patience. If I let Him, I know He'll provide it for me!


Family of 5 said...

Oh dear friend! Hang in there! Parenting is a wonderful thing, unfortunately there are those really tough days...sometimes it seems like they are everyday for awhile though! Good that you get to get out every now and again though! :) I'm praying for you!

And I love how flushed her face is in the first picture too like she really was working hard! :)

Daisha said...

The "2's" are quite an adventure! Good luck and have fun too.

Matt said...

Hey Amanda! It was so cool to hear from you. I didn't realize Charissa had added me to her blogroll... cool! It's fun hearing from old friends. Lily is so adorable - motherhood agrees with you! We're living in Jefferson, just south of Salem. I have to admit, after being in the Willamette Valley for 17 years now, I just can't picture living anywhere else. Anyway, thanks for saying hi!

Unknown said...

Hey sweetie. I miss meeting with you. I hope all is going well. Good to check up on your blog. I totally remember those days. We actually had to put childproof locks on our bathroom drawers. We really put a nail through the cupboard underneath the sink, then just pulled it out when we wanted to get in. Otherwise we had toothpaste and makeup ALL OVER THE PLACE. Be creative with her. Give her pots and pans with a wooden spoon to make her own music while you are putting groceries away or whatever. Give her a little bowl or water to "Wash" things on the floor - just expect a mess and clean it up after 10 mins or so. You are a GREAT mom. These stages are hard though. You think you have it down, then it changes. Enjoy every minute -- it goes FAST!!!

girl said...

Good thing she is so adorably cute, right?! :) Thanks for sharing the stories, it helps prepare me for in a couple of years.

BTW - you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details if you're interested in the little game.

Julie said...

Hi Amanda,
Just wanted to say "thank you" for "sharing" your casserole with us last night, even though you didn't know you were going to! :-)
Anna and family came over last night and we were busy painting, so she brought your casserole after they had eated and the leftover rolls. Yummy, very good! We even sent casserole home with them since you had made such a big pan.
Lily is so cute and looks mischievious! Give her a small bowl of dried macaroni (or even rice) and a small measuring cup. Put a sheet or large towel under her. That should keep her busy!
Thanks again - Anna's mom - Julie