Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lily's 2 year photos

We had a very successful photo session with Lily for her 2 year photos! And you can barely tell that there is a giant bruise on her head! :) She did so good and it was so fast! It was smile after smile so we were done in about 20 minutes! Of course, there had to be so many good ones! I'm a sucker when it comes to getting pictures. But the way I look at it is she won't be getting pictures done until her 3rd birthday-or maybe Christmas. Either way, it'll be a long time before we do pictures! Here are some of the shots:Her standard smile when I say "show me your teeth!" Too cute.She looks so old to me! What happened to my baby girl?!Finally, a true Lily smile!

She was playing Peek-a-boo with the photographer, and she just happened to catch the whole sequence of it! I love this one-it shows who she is!

And yet another cheesy grin! But I love it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Party

This last Saturday (Valentine's Day!) we had a brunch for Lily's birthday and invited her friends and their parents (who are our friends!) and of course both AJ's and my families were here. It was lots of fun with LOTS of people in our small house! The kids had so much fun and actually played quite well together. There were just a couple of times when Lily acted out on an innocent child....did I tell you that my daughter was 2 yet? Because she is sure acting like it!! Oh Lord help me! Anyway, lots of fun pictures to share. AJ was on camera duty while I helped Lily open they aren't the best pictures. But in his defense, Lily was all over the place so it's hard to get a good one! Thanks to all the family who helped bring food to feed everyone! I really appreciate it and honestly couldn't have done it without you!Sweet Cami just hanging outMe and the big 2 year old!The kitty cupcakes I made....they look a bit scary, but it was fun to do! (Thanks for your advice and use of frosting stuff Wendy!)More kitties (it was a kitty theme if you couldn't tell!)The delicious spread....and my manly husband made those deviled eggs all by himself! I was so proud! He even used a pastry bag to fill them!Katie and my sister-such a good picture of both of them!Lily and Abigail enjoying some foodSome of the guests....Lily and her auntie LeandraThe birthday girl just hanging outPlaying "pin the name on the scary kitty"... but the kids enjoyed it!And the finished productOpening lots of presents! Too bad I'm in all the shots-but I had to help her! She's quite excited over this sing-along Bible songs book! It has an attached microphone and everything. She can be just like her daddy! :)
A fun toy from her friend Zoe! New Converse shoes from her uncle Joel Singing "Happy Birthday"-she kept singing this song for 2 days straight!

Enjoying her cupcake...much different picture from when she was turning 1 and was naked in her high chair! This just proves to me that she really is growing up!

My wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law (Andrea and Barb) Playing with her new kitchen from her Nana and Papa She was a bit tired after the party was over!

Playing naked chef! Don't worry, this was later that night after everyone was gone!

Such a cutie! Wearing her some of her princess dress-up toys from Grandma and Grandpa (she also got a fun outdoor play structure from them! I can't wait for her to use that once it's nice outside!)

This girl was so spoiled that day! She got so many presents and is clearly loved lots. Thanks to all who came and helped celebrate Lily Mae!

We also had her 2 year doctor appt. today. She weighed in at 30 pounds and is in the 85% for weight. She was measured for her height at 3 feet 1 inch! This girl is TALL! She is above the 100% mark! Meaning, out of 1o0 girls, she is one of the tallest. I've heard a fun thing that at their 2 year appt whatever their height is, if you double that, then that is how tall they are supposed to be at when they are older. So according to what she was measure at today, she will be 6'2''! WOW. Just like her daddy that's for sure!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I can't believe it. I really can't. I remember the day Lily was born just like it was yesterday! And today she is 2!!! That is so crazy to me! She has been such a joy in our lives and I can't remember what it's like not having her in my life! Well, ok, maybe I can remember those days of sleeping in! BUT, I wouldn't trade that for anything! Lily is growing up so much and she's learning all sorts of new things. She's talking up a storm, learning all kinds of new words. She loves to mimic what we say. She'll even copy me when I'm on the phone by saying everything I just said. Like, "Oh really?" She will say "Oh really" and "uh-huh", and Lily will say "uh-huh." It's pretty cute. She loves to run now too. She will run up and down our one hallway and say "Lily run fast!" She loves playing with other kids and like I've said before, loves babies! She loves her whole family-aunties, uncles, Grandma/Grandpa, Nana/Papa. She is one spoiled girl! We are thrilled to have her in our life and look forward to the many more memories we will make as a family! (warning: TONS of pictures!I got a little carried away!)

The earliest picture I have on disc. All her baby photos are in a scrapbook! Some day I'll scan them in. But I love her happy, drooly face! Oh, I miss those days!

I love her little pigtails!

Her BFF Zoe! They were so little back then!
1 year photos
Her 1st birthday!
Her favorite car

We love you so much Lily Mae! Happy 2nd Birthday to you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boo Boo

Seems Lily keeps getting all sorts of bumps and bruises lately.

This is her recent one:

Focus in on the center of her forehead. Yup, it's a big 'ol bump that is slowly turning blue. She was running away from her daddy (it was a game, don't worry!) and pretty much fell into a side table. OUCH. And of course her 2 year pictures are on Friday-which is her birthday by the way!! Awesome. Is it too early for her to experience a little bit of make-up?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Just a few photos of my sweet Lily Mae....

Being a funny girl!

Showing me her cheesy smile as she hugs her baby so tightly! Loves to kiss her baby

Wearing most of AJ's hats!

I love that this is the only way she'll smile! It's still cute though :) Taking a bath in some "menthol" bubbles. She's been a sick girl for the last 5 days with a nasty cold. She enjoyed this bath thoroughly!