Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tomatoes!!!! This is the first year we've had success at growing our own cherry tomatoes. All I did was plant them in pots and watered them and now we have nummy tomatoes. Lily and I eat these like they are candy. AJ hates tomatoes-too bad for him, more for us!
Lily has been wanting to help feed Jameson his food lately. I know it's hard to see, but she did a great job! I've got such a good helper!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ocean Park

A few weeks ago we went with my brother to Ocean Park, WA where his girlfriend, Katie, and her family run a kid's Bible camp. We stayed for about 3 1/2 days and had a great time! We explored Long Beach (which is near Ocean Park), played lots of pickle ball, made 500 cookies, served campers their meals, and played on the beach! It was a ton of fun and it was hard to leave! We're trying to figure out when we can go again!
We waited until my brother got off work at 8:30pm to leave! It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive. We didn't pull in until 12:15 am! But the kids slept the whole way! They were already in their PJ's so it worked out great. My brother Joel being so silly with a beach towel!
One day we headed over to a lake property the camp also owns. It was so beautiful there! We even got to do some paddle boating and ride in a canoe. The crew-poor Jameson and his too big of a life jacket! He did not like wearing it!
Ready for our family paddle boat ride! AJ did all the work paddling since Jameson and I sat in the back. It was a quick trip around on the lake!
AJ and I took a turn in the canoe...Yah, we're cool! :)Katie doing a fabulous job of watching the kiddos while we were playing on the water!Every day we were there we always made an opportunity to go and play pickle ball! It's a game similar to tennis but the net is shorter. You play with paddles that are a bit bigger than a ping pong paddle and the ball is a whiffle ball. I was terrible at it! But AJ LOVED it being the tennis lover that he is : ) It was still a fun time for us to all hang out and let Lily run around!
Here's my action shot-and looking dorky! I had fun though!
AJ playing with Katie's brother Kyle.
Jameson was happy to just sit in his stroller and watch!
Lily and Katie getting ready to make 500 chocolate chip cookies! Lily LOVES Katie and everywhere we went Lily was always asking where Katie was or what she was doing! It was pretty cute.
Enjoying the GIANT beater way too much!
Bike ride on the boardwalk!
Hanging out in Long Beach.
Silly hat! I think her eyes look so pretty!
She loved digging in the sand!
He loved chewing on his cup!
Katie and Joel-wished he would smile more nicely! :)
I love my family!!
Joel and Fiona. And everyone says Jameson is a spitting image of my brother (which I think so too!) What do you think?!
Serving campers their lunch-this was my favorite!
Jameson loved staring at Ben (he's a friend of Katie's family.)
Katie with her parents Linda and Steve.
We had such a great time and can't wait to go back!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 Months!!

Today is my little (big) man's 9 month birthday! I'm getting more sad with each passing month. I don't want my baby to grow up! I will say he is so fun right now though! He's very wiggly and is wanting to move but has yet to crawl. He'll be sitting up and try to grab for a toy and will flip his body onto his stomach. He does this all.day.long. And yet, he still hasn't mastered crawling! When he is on his stomach he'll kick enough and start scooting backwards. He may just skip the crawling stage. Lily didn't crawl until she was a year old!! And she didn't walk until she was 15 months!! So, I'm thinking we just have some lazy kids around here! :)
*He weighs 22.8 lbs (only the 60%!!) and is 30.5 inches long (85%). He's huge to me, so I'm not sure how his weight and height aren't off the charts! Oh well!
*Still wearing 12-18 month clothes, but it's starting to get small!
*Sleeping through the night! Hooray! Well, as of 2 nights he's been doing this! I've been giving him a snack (rice crackers) before the last feeding of the day in hopes it would fill him up and make him sleep. But he would still wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 am! Ouch. My super smart husband said "why don't we just feed him some oatmeal baby cereal before that last feeding?" Sure. Let's try that. We've done that for the last 2 nights and the first night he slept until 7 am and this morning he slept until 8 am!! Praise the Lord! I was really hurting for sleep, but if he goes until at least 7 I feel like a new woman! Hoping these sleep habits stay this way!
*He really is the best, easy-going baby!

This boy LOVES to eat!

Chewing on his sister's toy! I promise we didn't give it to him! :)

He loves to stand against furniture-we are the ones who have to put him there though. He'll eventually pull himself up I'm just sure of it!

Such a big boy!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eagle Crest

The week after the 4th of July, our little family headed over to Eagle Crest with AJ's parents and sister and her husband. We do this every summer and have such a great time! We are spoiled with amazing meals that I never have to cook, coffee made every morning, and on site babysitting! :)
On the way over, she was occupied with watching Boz over and over! And holding her baby, aka Big Baby.
Snugglin' with my girl under a towel!
Grandpa Dan and Jameson

One day, Andrea and I went golfing with the boys. Well, they golfed while we drove them around in the golf carts! SO much fun to drive those things!

Grandma Barb loving on Jameson!
Sleeping by the pool-he did this daily! It's so nice having a baby who will mostly sleep anywhere!
He LOVED swimming around and splashing his hands and feet. He really liked this car too!
I love my kids!
Gotta keep my red-headed, fair skinned baby in the shade!
Grandpa and Lily having a heart to heart! :)
One night after dinner, we walked over to the golf course and practiced on a few holes. Lily LOVED running around-barefoot of course-and "helped" by holding the flags (is that what they're even called?! I'm definitely not a golfer!) Maybe she'll be a golfer someday!
Going for a walk and I'm pretty sure I only lasted 10 minutes before I couldn't carry Jameson anymore! That boy is heavy!
Auntie Andrea and Jameson
Us girls went shopping in Sisters one day and of course we had to make a stop at Sisters Coffee-it's so good!
Love those chubby cheeks!
Family bicycle ride! The kids loved riding in this trailer we borrowed from some friends. Jameson only loved it for about 10 minutes then he started crying. I'm thinking his sister had something to do with that?! It was fun though!
We went to the pool everyday. Lily was a fish! She loves swimming! And fyi, the pool was not closed like it says in the background :)
Even Jameson loved chillin' in the stroller!
Love her, squinty eyes and all!
AJ was the best dad and played with her in the pool the whole time so I could lay in the sun!
We had such a great time and look forward to it every year!