Thursday, February 28, 2008

New things I'm learning about Lily

It never ceases to amaze me all of the new things I learn about Lily, and there's usually one new thing a day! And I know I have MANY more years (Lord willing) that I'll keep on learning about her! But honestly, I wouldn't give it up for anything! So, I thought I'd share with you some things about Lily-which you may not care to read, but too bad :)
1. She could seriously eat an entire can of green beans if I let her (but I won't, don't worry!)
2. I'm amazed at how smelly her poo can be for such a small girl!
3. Why does she have to stuff as much food in her mouth at one time that it gets so full she starts to gag? It's like she's worried I will take the food away? I don't get it!
4. When she's bored of her food (or doesn't like it) she'll pick it up and throw it, creating a beautiful food masterpiece on my floor!

5. Every time she takes a long drink of her milk, she'll always be breathing so hard like she just ran a marathon and smiles so big like she just WON the marathon! Seriously, every's funny.
6. You ask her to say 'mama' or 'dada' or 'ball' and the only word she says is 'baby'. Will she ever learn new words?!
7. At bath time, I'll fill the tub up enough for her to be able to lay down and not drown! But then she'll flap her arms and legs over and over and over again! And she gets mad when I try to sit her up to lather her body! She could easily do that the whole bath time! At least she likes her bath right?
8. She hums while eating her food. Every meal, anything in her mouth, it's always humming.
9. She loves playing with empty water bottles (like a Gatorade bottle) and suck on it and palm it...that girl could be a basketball player with the way she palms (spelling?) things!
10. When I pick her up from the church nursery, I'll spy on her first to see what she's doing, and almost always she's happily playing. And then as soon as she sees me she usually starts crying! Like she's saying "How could you leave me?! I thought you'd never be back!" It's pretty cute, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
But I love her and all the things I'm learning! So to sign off on this entry, here are her adorable pictures from her 1 year photography session! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girlfriends are the greatest!

I'm so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends! Last week I was fortunate enough to catch up with some gals I haven't seen since high school graduation! It was so much fun seeing Jenn, Daisha, and Keri with all of their kids and my one child :) There were 8 children from age 4 1/2 and under! Crazy! And 4 of us! It was so fun to see their beautiful babies and to catch up on life!

The kiddos...aren't they adorable?! And little Lily is not smiling and wanting to hold her shoe! She's funny to me :)

Then once a month (we've been going on for 3 years, or maybe it's 2...I don't remember!) a group of us gals get together to play bunco. It's so much fun! We eat, play the game, fellowship, and laugh a lot! What a sweet time of meeting with other believers (who are mostly from my church) who can encourage each other in the Lord! I'm so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends in my life! Love these ladies!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Time to brag about my husband!

I find it quite funny how AJ never reads this blog. I guess he doesn't have to considering he lives with me and Lily! But, this way I can talk about him and he won't know, unless I tell him of course. So, that is why I'm going to brag about him! Basically, he's the most amazing man in the world. I know you'd all say that about your hubbys too! But, he is so good to me, and just watching him with Lily melts my heart. Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff :) Last week I wanted to make him a nice meal since he was gone all day and coaching track (more on that in a second) And I thought "how can I make this nice, other than our normal dinner time?" DUH! Use our beautiful china we got for our wedding! It's so sad how it just sits in our hutch, on display, wishing someone would use it! And that tells you how often I never have fancy dinner parties! So I got it out and lit some candles and just had dinner ready on the table for when he walked in the door. Nothing special about the meal, but it let him know I was thinking ahead! Most of the time I wait until 5:00 to say "What should I make for dinner?" (I know, I'm a terrible wife for not preparing ahead! I'm working on it!) I think this was a nice treat for him to come in, sit down, and eat with his wifey!

The table...again, I know I can do better, but this is a giant step above what we normally have! Notice our wine glasses of milk! Heehee-we are not drinkers (just to make that clear :)

Now, on to the track thing. AJ doesn't share a ton about his track life, because he doesn't want to brag. Me, I love it when he talks about it! I'll just give you a quick background on him. Basically he's a fabulous high jumper. People always ask if he played basketball because he's so tall. Track won his heart, and then I did! He jumped in high school, and had scholarships and stuff to WOU. I know I'm skipping a lot, but I'm a little fuzzy on all the details. He's a 3 time national high jump champion and his record high is 7 feet 1 inch! He honestly jumped over it. Crazy to me. He still competed while we were dating, and then it started to die down. After our first year of marriage he was done. Just couldn't find the time to continue and other reasons too! Anyway, the guy we bought our expedition from is a coach at North High here in Salem. He got to talking to AJ and basically asked if he'd be willing to coach the jumpers during track season at North. This was back in October. We talked about it but didn't think it'd actually happened. Then the guy found AJ's number and asked him again. AJ said yes, and last week had his first practice. He is LOVING it! He is already super busy with a million other things, but he loves to be back on the track, doing what he knows best. He only coaches on Mondays (it's more of a part-time coaching job) and then he'll attend as many meets as he can when they're in the salem/keizer area. Anyway, I think it's great he's doing something he loves and staying active! I know this wasn't the most interesting blog, but I love bragging about AJ!

And Lily's doing great, just teething like crazy. The poor girl has 2 more teeth coming in on top. Her second "canine" tooth poked through. (I don't know the correct wordage for those teeth, just ask my mom!) But she's a little trooper and loves it when I put on the baby orajel! Oh, and we also experienced her getting from her stomach to a sitting position! YAY! And the other day I found her sleeping with her arm through her bed. It's so cute, and she feel asleep with it like that. I just HAD to take a picture of it :) Until next time!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we say "Wild and Crazy?"

So I just had to take a picture (mainly because I didn't post one for the last entry!) and also because Lily looked too funny! She had pigtails in today, and I took them out for her nap, and when she woke up, it looked like this! Not the most flattering picture, but it's funny to me!Enjoy!

P.S. She did SO GOOD during her pictures today! And I got tons (I know, I'm a sucker!) Those will be posted in the future as soon as I get them!

Say "dada"

Well, it's official. Lily loves her daddy more than her mommy! :) She can for sure say 'dada' sometimes even 'daddy'. Ask her to say 'momma' or 'mommy' and you'll get nothing! That's ok... I'm sure she'll say my name someday! I just gotta keep telling myself that! At least she recognizes me!

And yesterday Lily apparently learned how to go from her stomach to a sitting position! I didn't get to witness it, but I guess she did it 2 times! We tried just putting her on her stomach and she didn't cry for a while (normally she does cry right away, she doesn't usually like being on her tummy) and she was happy looking at our cat and she'd be flapping her arms and legs, almost like she's doing the 'worm' dance move! Then after a bit she started to fuss. Hopefully we'll see this new move sooner than later!

We are off in a bit to go get her 1 year pictures done at JCPenney. I originally wanted to have her just be in a diaper and doing the cupcake thing again, but good 'ol JCPenney says since she's already 1 year they can't by law take 'naked' pictures! Can you believe it? Apparently it's because of child pornography and other new laws. Sad this is how our world is ocming to! But the stupid thing is they (Penney's) sends you flyers and coupons for their pictures with naked babies on the front! I guess those babies are under 1. Whatever, I'm over it :) I just hope she smiles good for these pictures! I'll keep you updated! No new pictures to post, sorry about that!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"I love my new toy!" & pics. for Grandma M.

We took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL sunny weather we had on Monday and took Lily outside to play with her new toy car we got her for her birthday. That time she was outside she learned how to pedal forward AND backward! Our child is a genius (but she still doesn't know how to walk! :) And she's wearing her cute new hat from Auntie Andrea because it was so sunny outside (her and Jeff-her fiance'-came over for lunch on the patio since Jeff was in town for the long weekend.) We had lots of fun and it just makes me look forward to summertime when Lily will be walking and playing outside!

She's making sure to stay far away from Charlie...she likes to be
near him, just as long as he's locked up!

Using her toy to learn to walk behind it (and Auntie Andrea helping her!)
She actually did quite well!

**Next pictures for Great Grandma M: Just wanted to show you
Lily wearing the adorable outfit you gave her:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lily's birthday pics.

Ok, so I know I've already posted about Lily's birthday, but my wonderful husband figured out how to load the pics. on our computer! Yay! Anyway, here are a few....they are pretty much
self-explainatory. Enjoy!


Cupcakes are addicting....and I need them to not be at my house right now cause I'm gonna eat them all! Lily's party was a huge success...and she LOVED her cupcake! That girl just took a little bite of icing and then after like 3 bites picked up the entire cupcake in one hand and shoved it into her face! It was so funny! She ate the entire thing (minus all that had fallen off and onto her body!) Lots of family was here and some friends as well. It was so much fun, and thanks to all who came and helped bring food! She was spoiled of course with lots of gifts, tons of clothes (she's a very fashionable girl!) and some fun new toys. We got her this little sit on car thingy, that as of today is learning to move her legs to ride around the house! Hopefully it'll help her learn to walk somehow! We're so blessed to have such a happy little girl who is content sitting on the floor and playing with her toys (which is what she's doing right now!)

This weekend was a fun celebration of her birth...andI'm sad it's over! But I so look forward to what she'll learn to do this year (hopefully walking, just kidding! I know it'll happen sooner or later!)

Other than her party, we just kinda layed low. Had church yesterday of course which is always good. They (our church) is actually planning a trip to Israel next March and yesterday was an 'informational' meeting. I so wanna go! How cool to go there and be at places where Jesus walked, where he baptized, did miracles! I just think it's a wonderful opportunity that I really don't want to pass up. But, then you gotta consider the costs, and who will take care of Lily for 11 days, and who will take care of me while I'm away from Lily and crying my eyes out! Realistically, I doubt we'll go. Plus, they have to stop signing people up after 44! They said if enough people wanna go and they don't have enough room, they hope to do this trip in like 2 years. I'm thinking that's the one we'd go on. Plus, we wanna have more babies sooner than later, and who knows, I could be pregnant come next March! We're gonna pray about it, so we'll see. But, probably not. I really do hope to go there before I die!

And then this morning I was able to go get my hair colored-finally! That's such a treat for me, I love being pampered. And my husband is nice enough to stay at home with Lily while I went. Although it helped my appt. was at 8 am! I like it that way for the following reasons: a) I'm already for my day with great hair! and b) I have the rest of the day ahead of me to go run errands and such! Anyway, off to go to Costco-their coupons start today! I love that place and could walk around for hours! We'll see how long Lily lets me do it today! :) And I really need to post pics. of her birthday party, but I can't because the thing to hook it up to the computer is broken! Hopefully we'll figure it out soon!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valetine's Day update

So, I really meant to put this picture with yesterday's blog cause it's Lily's little Valentine to all of you-but I forgot! So here it is a day late-better late then never right?! We had the hardest time getting her to hold that heart perfectly in front of her. I don't know what I was thinking, that she'd just sit still and hold it in the center of her body? Hello! The girl is only 1, not 5! But it worked out in the end.
This is the picture I originally wanted, but you can't really tell that the heart says "i love you". But you can see her cute little face! She got lots of fun valentine's from bot grandmas and a nice card from her great grandma and grandpa! This girl is spoiled! And tomorrow it'll be worse-but yet fun :) Her first birthday party! I'm think I'm more excited than she is! Just working on cleaning the house and going last minute grocery shopping. We still have to buy her a little toy-and we wait till the last minute to do so! Oops! Oh well, she won't know right? Off to dust my house...not my idea of fun, but someone's gotta do it!
PS I forgot to tell you that my husband is AMAZING! We originally said no gifts for V-day, but did he listen? NO! In the morning i had cut out paper hearts that said stuff like "I love the way...." and I filled in the blanks and posted them all over our house. I think there was like 8. Well yesterday evening, he had easter practice at church, so I was meeting the sisters for sushi, and before we left (seperate valentine nights, kinda weird) we gave each other cards. His card said some stuff and at the end it said "Go look in my coat". So I did and inside the pocket was a ring box-but it was empty. He has this giddy look on his face and says come with me to the family room. I could tell he didn't know how to give me this present cause he said "Now hug me and look for it!" Silly AJ. So I reached in his pocket and pulled out a ring! It matches my wedding band, so it has little diamonds on the front of it. And it will go above my wedding ring-so it goes my wedding band, engagement ring, and new band on top! Lots of bling for me! I tried to take a picture but you can't really tell what it is. ( I think I might be asking for a new camera either for my birthday or Christmas!) Anyway, I'll post the pic. later once I get it loaded onto the computer. How great is my hubby though? And all he got were some cheesy paper hearts! But he said he loved them! Oh well. What's a girl to do?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day-and Lily's Dr. appt.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hopefully you're spending it with someone you love or just like :)

AJ had his Junk-Away Letip meeting this morning, and when he came home brought me some tulips and a valentine's balloon. So sweet! Then for lunch we were gonna get some food and bring it back for a 'picnic', but he had a meeting he ended up needing to go to. He did make us lunch (pizza pocket, salad, and cookies) and spread a blanket down on the floor of our living room for our 'picnic'. Did I marry a great guy or what? :) Then to Lily's appt. we went. The poor girl got 2 shots and screamed and was shaking from madness. I hate those appts. She's this poor, helpless little baby who doesn't know what's going on, then all of a sudden, PAIN! She's actually doing great right now, is happy, and we just put her down for a nap. The only side effect though, is a possible rash that could cover her body and not show up for a week! Hopefully that won't happen! I emailed most of you her 'stats', but I'll quickyl post them for those who care, or don't care for that matter! She weighs 20 pounds and in the 40% for weight, and the 90% for height-taking after her daddy! Her doc. was "concerned" that she doesn't crawl or walk, but he'll see her again at 15 months for more shots-yay- and to check on her. I think she'll either be walking by then or super close! She does great holding our hands and is getting quite fast at it. We just need her to do it on her own. But he liked that she can stand on her own for a bit. She'll walk when she's good and ready :)

Well, that's all about our day. And it's only 3:30! AJ has easter practice tonight at church, so no fancy dinner plans for us! Maybe Lily and I will make a trip to the store to buy some food and last minute stuff for her party on Saturday! Lots for me to do to get ready for that! Tomorrow will be a busy day! Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy FIRST Birthday Lily!!

It's a very sad day. My little baby is no longer a baby but a big 1 year old! I'm having a hard time with today! I never thought I'd be sad about her birthday, but it's crazy to me that she's 1. I can't believe how fast one whole year went! I still wish she was a little infant, yet I can't wait till she starts walking and saying 'mama' and talking in sentences. Ok, I guess it's more of a bittersweet day than it is sad :) Her picture and name were on channel 12 today during their "first birthday" segment. That was fun to see-and I taped it so we'll have it forever! I know, I'm a crazy mom! It's sad that she has no idea it's her special day-but we know! And we probably won't do anything fun. I'm getting my hair cut/colored today (that's fun for me!) and we've got to take a meal to a couple in our church that just had a baby. And AJ has music team tonight. So, not much of a celebration. We'll just wait for her party on Saturday! I'll end this blog today by saying "Happy Birthday Lily Mae!"

PS She has her 1 year appt. tomorrow at the doctor at 1:45 and I heard it's a bad appt. cause they will give her lots of shots! Ouch! So please pray for her little body to take them well! Thank you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stranger Anxiety!!

Well my friends, the time has come for Lily to HATE strangers! It's bad news! I've got a story to hang in there with me :) Last week AJ, Lily, and me went to lunch (at 3pm!) to this little ma and pa diner that's been in Salem forever. (I saw an old menu they had on the wall where burgers were 10 cents!!) We're sitting there waiting for our food to arrive and we're are the only ones in the restuarant too. This sweet other waitress that was there started to come over and talk to us and was saying how cute Lily was. This gal was not scary looking, she had glasses, and was only like late 50's early 60's. Lily was just staring at her and all of a sudden started crying/screaming! And it's not her usual "i'm sad" cry but her "i'm scared" cry! We were shocked cause it never happens-or rarely happens. She's such a happy baby! So finally the waitress left cause she felt bad for making Lily cry (Which made me feel bad!) and that was that. Well, she kept coming around our table to clean other tables, restock the sugar packets and so forth. Every time she came near, Lily was just looking all around for her and would cry hard! The cooks in the back were giving this waitress a hard time saying "what are you doing to that poor baby!" Was I sure glad to get our food, eat fast, and leave! THEN, Leandra and I were at the mall yesterday in a store, and Lily and I were waiting for her to purchase something, when this lady was smiling at Lily. Of course Lily didn't like that, put on her famous frown face (she does it all the time now!) and starts to cry a little. It wasn't bad like the restaurant incident, but it wasn't great. The lady just said "Oh no" and turned around and left. Sure made me feel stupid. I feel like I should apologize but what do I say? "Sorry my baby is scared of you, she's usually quite a happy, social girl!" Any advice out there people? Anyway, that's my newness with Lily. Hopefully it's just a stage and that it'll come and go QUICK!

PS 2 days until Lily's FIRST birthday :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Pictures

Hello all! I thought I'd post some pictures of our recent snow day we had. Lily sure looks cute in them :) But, I am a bit biased! Same 'ol stuff around here, nothing too new. We're just counting down the days until Lily's FIRST birthday! I can't believe she's turning 1. I honestly can remember everything about her birth, when my contractions started, when we went to the hospital, how my dad almost didn't make it :). But, what a fun day of memories! She still isn't walking, but 'walks' when she holds our hands. I try and take a hand away and just hold one of her hands, but she gets unsure of herself and gets scared and starts to sit down. She's not quite there yet! The cool thing about her birthday is a couple of TV stations have birthday segments where they post either a picture or just her name and how old she'll be and they'll air it on her birthday. So that is fun! I know I'm probably going over the top, but it's free and fun! And we're finally all healthy! I got a little cold, but I think it's on the downhill side now, thank goodness! Tonight we're going to Red Robin-my favorite!-with the sisters. I'm trying to get Lily to take a quick nap but it's not working. She's been in her crib for 45 min. already and never fell asleep. Now she just started to cry and we're supposed to leave in 45 min! Oh no :) Might be an early bed time tonight! hope all is well!


Acker Fam

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Praise the Lord-we're done puking! :)

So since my last post, I apparently spoke too soon. Because that nasty flu bug bit me! I went to bed feeling fine (sleeping on the couch I might add) and woke up at 2:30am running for the bathroom. Sad to say, I got the flu too! Luckily Lily was all done with it and doing great. AJ was feeling pretty terrible. So yesterday morning I was done doing the bathroom thing at 7am and Lily was just waking up. I was so tired from not sleeping well and still feeling nauteous, I thought "how in the world am I supposed to take care of my baby feeling like this?!" So, I called my mom :) And she gladly took Lily ALL day! It was so wonderful to be able to sleep all day-seriously, that's what we did. AJ on one couch, me on the other. We both had 7-up and saltines. And Lily didn't come back to us until 8pm-after she had some more fun with Grandma Barb! I was ready to see her by the time she came home, but was glad I didn't have to take care of her. Today we are all doing GREAT! No one has needed the bathroom! We're still a bit tired, mostly AJ though. Seems he got it much worse than I did. And so, that is my life. I'm so blessed to have 2 sets of parents who are willing to help out so much! I can't imagine what yesterday would've been like without 'em! So thanks to you moms! (and dads!)

And now my day consists of doing loads of laundry, sanitizing everything in sight, and trying to get things back to normal. Gotta love that! And AJ should be good for leading worship tomorrow. I just know he'll be exhausted afterwards-but what are Sunday afternoon naps for anyway?!

That's all here....hope you all have a great weekend and that you don't get sick! :)

Acker Fam