Monday, February 25, 2008

Time to brag about my husband!

I find it quite funny how AJ never reads this blog. I guess he doesn't have to considering he lives with me and Lily! But, this way I can talk about him and he won't know, unless I tell him of course. So, that is why I'm going to brag about him! Basically, he's the most amazing man in the world. I know you'd all say that about your hubbys too! But, he is so good to me, and just watching him with Lily melts my heart. Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff :) Last week I wanted to make him a nice meal since he was gone all day and coaching track (more on that in a second) And I thought "how can I make this nice, other than our normal dinner time?" DUH! Use our beautiful china we got for our wedding! It's so sad how it just sits in our hutch, on display, wishing someone would use it! And that tells you how often I never have fancy dinner parties! So I got it out and lit some candles and just had dinner ready on the table for when he walked in the door. Nothing special about the meal, but it let him know I was thinking ahead! Most of the time I wait until 5:00 to say "What should I make for dinner?" (I know, I'm a terrible wife for not preparing ahead! I'm working on it!) I think this was a nice treat for him to come in, sit down, and eat with his wifey!

The table...again, I know I can do better, but this is a giant step above what we normally have! Notice our wine glasses of milk! Heehee-we are not drinkers (just to make that clear :)

Now, on to the track thing. AJ doesn't share a ton about his track life, because he doesn't want to brag. Me, I love it when he talks about it! I'll just give you a quick background on him. Basically he's a fabulous high jumper. People always ask if he played basketball because he's so tall. Track won his heart, and then I did! He jumped in high school, and had scholarships and stuff to WOU. I know I'm skipping a lot, but I'm a little fuzzy on all the details. He's a 3 time national high jump champion and his record high is 7 feet 1 inch! He honestly jumped over it. Crazy to me. He still competed while we were dating, and then it started to die down. After our first year of marriage he was done. Just couldn't find the time to continue and other reasons too! Anyway, the guy we bought our expedition from is a coach at North High here in Salem. He got to talking to AJ and basically asked if he'd be willing to coach the jumpers during track season at North. This was back in October. We talked about it but didn't think it'd actually happened. Then the guy found AJ's number and asked him again. AJ said yes, and last week had his first practice. He is LOVING it! He is already super busy with a million other things, but he loves to be back on the track, doing what he knows best. He only coaches on Mondays (it's more of a part-time coaching job) and then he'll attend as many meets as he can when they're in the salem/keizer area. Anyway, I think it's great he's doing something he loves and staying active! I know this wasn't the most interesting blog, but I love bragging about AJ!

And Lily's doing great, just teething like crazy. The poor girl has 2 more teeth coming in on top. Her second "canine" tooth poked through. (I don't know the correct wordage for those teeth, just ask my mom!) But she's a little trooper and loves it when I put on the baby orajel! Oh, and we also experienced her getting from her stomach to a sitting position! YAY! And the other day I found her sleeping with her arm through her bed. It's so cute, and she feel asleep with it like that. I just HAD to take a picture of it :) Until next time!


kristen. said...

How sweet! Good to hear from you! Engaged? Don't know where you got that... but thanks anyway. :) Hope your year is going well so far! Love, Kristen