Friday, February 22, 2008

Say "dada"

Well, it's official. Lily loves her daddy more than her mommy! :) She can for sure say 'dada' sometimes even 'daddy'. Ask her to say 'momma' or 'mommy' and you'll get nothing! That's ok... I'm sure she'll say my name someday! I just gotta keep telling myself that! At least she recognizes me!

And yesterday Lily apparently learned how to go from her stomach to a sitting position! I didn't get to witness it, but I guess she did it 2 times! We tried just putting her on her stomach and she didn't cry for a while (normally she does cry right away, she doesn't usually like being on her tummy) and she was happy looking at our cat and she'd be flapping her arms and legs, almost like she's doing the 'worm' dance move! Then after a bit she started to fuss. Hopefully we'll see this new move sooner than later!

We are off in a bit to go get her 1 year pictures done at JCPenney. I originally wanted to have her just be in a diaper and doing the cupcake thing again, but good 'ol JCPenney says since she's already 1 year they can't by law take 'naked' pictures! Can you believe it? Apparently it's because of child pornography and other new laws. Sad this is how our world is ocming to! But the stupid thing is they (Penney's) sends you flyers and coupons for their pictures with naked babies on the front! I guess those babies are under 1. Whatever, I'm over it :) I just hope she smiles good for these pictures! I'll keep you updated! No new pictures to post, sorry about that!