Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lily's First BIG Girl Party

Lily got to go to her first big girl birthday party. Her friend, Abigail, turned 3 and had a princess themed party. Abigail's mom is actually due any day with her second little girl! The party was lots of fun and I'm pretty sure I was more excited to go than Lily was! Kari, Abigail's mom, decorated her house so cute, gave the little girls tiaras, and our one little boy guest got a crown (he was our prince!) Lily had a blast and played so well with the other little girls. Even though she probably didn't know exactly what was going on, she still had fun. I can't believe she's getting old enough to go to parties! My little girl is growing up!The birthday princess Abigail! Her dress is just a little big for her :) And Lily and her friend Zoe are in the background pushing a baby strollerKari even had this cool princess tent for the kids to play in. Lily loved crawling in and out of it!The cute table with the cutest princess cake ever! It's a barbie doll with an edible cake skirt!Zoe and Lily playing on Abigail's bedLily showing me her "smile" while wearing some cute fairy wings
The party guests eating their yummy lunch Lily kissing on Zoe's little sister. Zoe's mom, Tara, had twins! Lily LOVES babies and loves to kiss them! And the twins-aren't they the cutest! They are looking more and more alike as they get bigger!I'm going to try and tell them apart, so if I'm wrong-sorry Tara! The one on the left is Aja and the one on the right is Emmalynn. I'm pretty sure at least! :)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Abigail!Lily thoroughly enjoyed her cake!Trying to get all the kids to pose together was pretty difficult. Zoe wanted to sit on the floor instead of the couch :) But, they're all there together!

It was a very fun day and I'm sure this is just the beginning to all sorts of little girl birthday parties! I can't believe Lily will be having her own birthday party in just 2 weeks! Crazy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some random pictures...

I'm always taking pictures of Lily doing different stuff, and then it seems I wait forever to blog about it! So, instead of doing like 5 different posts of 1 picture each, I thought I'd throw 'em all into one! Lily and her great-grandparents at Christmas time! It's always fun when she gets to see them when they come to town! (They live in Washington)And I just love this new outfit she got for Christmas from her Nana-she looks so old these days!With her Papa! And my sister and I wearing matching pink sweaters (not on purpose!) This actually happens a lot!

I was cleaning out Lily's old toys since she got so many new ones for Christmas. I put them in a bag and set them in the garage to go up in the attic. I wasn't paying attention and realized I didn't close the door tight and next thing I know Lily is nowhere to be found! I finally hear her voice in the garage and I open the door to her sitting on the ground playing with her "old toys"! Of course now she'll play with them as I'm putting them away, but months before she wouldn't! Oh well :)

I love this picture-such a happy girl! She loves playing with her new doll house her Grandma gave her!

One day AJ brought home this keyboard from church to play around with it for a few days. Lily loved it and always wanted to play on it with him! I wish I got a full view of this picture, because she got her potty chair out (which acts as a step stool too) and put it right next to AJ so she could stand on it and play with was pretty cute!

And now playing in her daddy's lap. Maybe she'll be a great pianist some day since music does run in our family! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

Both my parents and AJ's parents live about 3 minutes away from us, so when it comes to holidays we are lucky we get to see and spend it with both sets of families! This year, Christmas Eve was at my parent's house. We were there all day and then went to our church's Christmas Eve service. And then Christmas day we were with AJ's folks. Of course we were all spoiled by BOTH families! Especially Lily! That girl got so many clothes and toys! And I honestly didn't realize that she had no fun toys until Christmas when she got new ones! She's been playing with them all-which makes it so nice for me so I can actually get stuff done without her on my heels all day long! Pictures from my parent's:Our family! I'm amazed that Lily is actually looking at the camera this time!
My flexible ballerina! She was excited over something!
Opening her first present. As the day went on, and again at AJ's parent's, she really got into unwrapping presents! And every once in a while she will just ask me "Present?" like she wants to open more! In about a month and a half she will!
Joel being Joel :)
The beautiful tree!
Lily loves her uncle Joel
Nana reading Lily her new Nemo book
So excited she got a new baby doll!
Being a little mommy already!
My silly dad
My hot husband :)
Lily all dressed up and ready for the Christmas Eve service! The only way I can get her to smile is if I say to her "show me your teeth!" And this is what she does! I think it's cute though!

Then, Christmas morning, we had Lily open up her stocking from AJ and I and then we headed over to his parent's house
Lily showing us her teeth as she opens her stocking!
Playing with new play-doh
AJ surprised me and Lily by sticking in these nice, loud recorders in her stocking at the last minute. Awesome.
At Dan and Barb's and opening presents in her GIANT stocking!
Reading a new book with Grandpa
"Is there anymore in there?!"
And another beautiful tree!
Auntie Andrea helping Lily open her present
Playing with her new Elmo doll
And she loves her new doll house!
Wow-that was a ton of pictures! Thanks for bearing with me on this super long post! We had a wonderful Christmas and thank you to our families for spoiling us so much!