Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still pregnant...and nursery pictures!

Yes, it's true. I'm still pregnant! I thought for sure I'd have a baby by now-mainly because Lily was so early! If this baby was Lily-she'd be over a week old! Crazy! The baby update is that if I don't go into labor on my own I go in for another ultrasound on Nov. 9th-if it shows that this baby isn't huge (which I'm pretty sure he'll be!) then I'm already scheduled to be induced on Nov. 10th. If the ultrasound shows he's big-than I'll most likely have a c-section as my doctor doesn't think I'll be able to deliver over an 8 lb. baby. So, that's the update. I'm still hoping I go into labor on my own though! God knows-and I just need to rest in His peace knowing His plans are perfect! I'm trying to figure out ways to get my body to start to go into labor though-any suggestions would be great! :) Other than that, I can happily say my family is completely healthy-praise God! Really, the timing of that whole swine flu thing was perfect since I never went into labor or even had a newborn! And I got to have a fun sister weekend and take a break from being a mom! It was a restful weekend!
We finally finished the baby's room! And I love it! It was so fun to have a boy theme this time too! Here's some pictures of his room:

The view standing in the doorway

My favorite part is his name on the wall!

Isn't it great?! Now all I need is the baby to sleep in that room and make it complete! Here's a shot of my GINORMOUS belly at 37 weeks (we forgot to take it at 36 weeks since that was the week of the whole swine flu fiasco)

Yup, I'm big alright!
And one more picture of my sweet Lily when she was sick:

This was taken with my brother's cell phone-so it isn't the greatest quality but it gives you an idea! My parents took her to Urgent Care last Friday since I was banned from being near her in case she did have the swine flu. They (urgent care) made her wear this mask! Poor thing. It's hard to tell, but she's actually smiling in the picture-this girl is trained so well that whenever she sees a camera she gives us her fake smile! Poor thing. But she's all better now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shower #2!

Last weekend my wonderful sister and sister-in-law threw me another baby shower! This one was for family and friend's of family who don't go to our church. It was at my sister's and it was so fun! They had a salad luncheon with nummy desserts! I'm all about the food :) Here's just a few pictures of the fun event:

The cute food table!
One of the cute tables set so nicely!
Andrea made up a fun game-kinda like Jeopardy!
Some of the guests!
And another shot-this one with my sister in it :)
All the loot!!
Me and my pregnant friends Hollie and Terra (I went to college with them and Hollie was one of my roommates!) They are both having girls!

Unfortunately that's all the pictures I have! I know my mom has more, but since I was the one unwrapping gifts they are all of me :) And that'd be kinda boring to see! Lily did show up for about an hour to say hi and looked so cute! Again, no picture of that, but my mom does! One of these days I'll post it on there. I'm happy to say though, this boy is all set with clothes! It's SO fun to have a boy this time around and get different things! My next post will be pictures of his room all done! Hooray!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I'm sitting at my sister's house updating this blog since I'm banned from seeing AJ and Lily. This all started this last Wednesday. (by the way, this will be a long post with no pictures, sorry about that!) AJ woke up feeling nasty Wed. morning. He actually felt bad Tues. night but just thought he was coming down with a little cold. He stayed home from work Wed. and was getting worse by the hour. Every symptom he had matched those symptoms of the swine flu. Lily and I quickly left in the morning to escape getting sick and headed to church first for my women's Bible study and then headed to my parent's for the rest of the day-or so I thought. AJ's wonderful dad risked getting sick and took AJ to urgent care to get him tested for swine flu. He tested positive for it and was put on antibiotics. But I was ordered by my OB to stay away since I'm pregnant and the swine flu is quite dangerous for pregnant women-or so I'm told. My OB then put me on antibiotics to hopefully keep the swine flu away! So, Lily and I were camping out at my parent's and having a grand 'ol time! Well, last night (Thurs.) Lily starts to get a little cough...nothing big, but it was new. We were a little worried but put her to bed hoping it'd go away. She slept through the night thankfully but woke up feeling horrible. The cough was bad and she had a high fever. I called my OB to say that Lily might have it and do I have to stay away from her even though I'm on meds. They said yes. My parents then took Lily to urgent care to have her tested as well. Lily had to wear a mask, and by the picture my dad took with his phone, she looked a little bit like she was impersonating Michael Jackson! Anyway, God is so good because Lily saw the same doctor that AJ saw-and it's not her or his normal doctor-just an urgent care one. She remembered AJ and spared Lily of getting pricked, prodded, and everything else knowing that with her symptoms and since AJ tested positive, that she most likely has the swine flu. She also put Lily on antibiotics. So now all 3 of us are on meds! But, I'm still supposed to stay away from her until 24 hours after her fever breaks. I'm hoping by Sunday I can finally see her! AJ's fever broke this morning, so he can see Lily tomorrow. Since he leads worship at church on Sunday, he'll just have Lily stay the night at my parents tonight and tomorrow, then after church he'll take Lily home. And hopefully we can all be reunited soon! This has been a tough week, but God's been good and has shown me all the little things I can be thankful for during this trial-like being thankful that the baby isn't here yet otherwise no one would be allowed at the hospital if I was in labor that had the swine flu, or worse that I'd have a newborn at home but I'd be separated from AJ and Lily! I just figure we're getting it all out now before the baby is here! Also, update on this baby boy. Went to the doctor on Thursday and he checked me but I'm not dilated or anything. The doctor said it'd be really good if I went into labor on my own within the next week or so. If I haven't gone into labor in 2 weeks my doctor will do an ultrasound to measure the baby's weight. If his weight is ok, he'll schedule an induction for the following week (which would be 3 weeks away). If the baby is big-which I think he'll be-then I'll probably have to have a c-section. So, I'm thinking in 3 weeks or less he'll be here whether he comes on his own or by c-section. God knows though and is in control! I'm just thankful that he's not born yet! Anyway, that's the update on the Acker household. Maybe when I'm back with my family I can get that picture of Lily wearing a mask on here! We've gotta find a little humor in all of this! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Update

I went to the doctor this last week for an ultrasound. My doctor likes to do an u/s (ultrasound) at the end of the pregnancy to get an idea of how big baby will be. Well, Thursday I only saw the technician who actually did the u/s. It was so fun to see the baby and how BIG he is compared to the last u/s we had! She even showed us where he had some fuzz for hair! I can't wait to see him! Anyway, according to the u/s measurements she took, the baby is weighing at 7.8 pounds!! Of course, he could either be a pound under (which I'm hoping for) or a pound over! OUCH! The next day we went back to the doctor to get his readings on the u/s. He said I'm measuring at 37 weeks when I'm only 35 weeks! He said he'll check me this next week when I go in again to see if I'm dilated, etc. He said that I won't make it to my due date and he doesn't want me to make it to my due date! Hallelujah because I'm feeling BIG! After my appt. next week and depending on where I'm at, we might talk about an induction. He doesn't think I'll be able to deliver a baby over 8 pounds. And really, I'm OK with that! So, that's your update! This baby could be here in the next couple of weeks! I'm trying not to be anxious but I can't wait to meet him! And I know God will bring him here when it's in His timing! Here's the most recent picture of our baby boy:

Not the clearest of shots, but it's his profile. You can see his little nose and then his hand is near his mouth-but it just looks like a big blob! Still fun to get a picture of him! Pretty soon we'll have much more clearer pictures for when he arrives!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Church Baby Shower

Last Thursday some awesome friends put together a shower for me at our church. It was such a fun night and I was spoiled!! There were amazing desserts, lots of presents, and many friends who came to support me! Here's some pictures of the evening:This is where guests could sign up to bring us meals when the baby comes! I am so blessed!
The tables-so elegant! There are individual candies on the tables and the label was made especially for me! It said "Soon Arriving, Jameson Andrew". Such creative ladies!
One of the delicious desserts made!
More desserts...

And more!
Punch table
My beautiful moms! My mom is on the left and my mother-in-law on the right...such amazing women!
And my beautiful sister and mom with me!
My friends Anna and Nikki who basically threw this all together (with lots of other help too!) They are amazing!
Playing "Baby Concentration"
Some of the guests
And lots more people! I am so loved :)
Look at those gifts! Again, I'm loved and spoiled!
A new video monitor-our old monitor (which wasn't a video one) basically is on its last leg. So why not register for a brand new one?! This was part of the group gift!
A new booster seat-most likely for Lily. But how nice it will be to not to have to buy another car seat! And also a part of the group gift!
My new sit 'n stand stroller! And it matches perfectly to the baby car seat we already have! This is from my mom and mother-in-law!
There are lots more pictures-but they're mainly of me opening presents and I didn't want to make you bored! :) It was such a fun night and I truly feel so loved! I'm so blessed to be a part of a loving, giving, gracious church family!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Maternity Pictures

A month or so ago (maybe more like 2 months? I can't remember!) my good friend, Wendy, took some maternity and family photos of us! It was SO much fun! This girl is super talented and is actually starting up a photography business. She does everything from kids to families and weddings. If you want to use her (which I highly recommend doing so!) her website is Anyway, I'm putting up all the pictures I like-which is close to 30! I just couldn't choose! So if you are bored, sorry about that! And FYI, my bare belly is showing in some of these-so close your eyes if you don't want to see my hugeness! :) Enjoy!

Weren't those great?! I'm a little biased I guess :) It was super hard choosing which ones to enlarge that's for sure! And update on baby boy: Went to the doc. last Thursday and apparently I'm measuring a week ahead. When he said this I really wanted to say to him, "Really? Well duh! Can't you see how HUGE my belly is?!" But I refrained from doing so. He didn't change my due date or anything, but I thought it interesting that I am measuring bigger since with Lily I never did. I go next Thursday for an ultrasound to see how big he weighs. Secretly, I'm hoping he'll come this month!! And if he doesn't I'll probably be disappointed-but it's coming soon! I can feel it! :)