Sunday, April 17, 2011

Old MacDonald Had a Farm...

E-I-E-I-O! Well, it wasn't Old MacDonald's farm that we visited, but my Aunt Tammy's farm! And she doesn't really live on a farm, but has acreage and dogs and horses :) I watch a little (she's actually older than Lily!) girl every morning and take her to kindergarten in the afternoons. Well, during the week of Spring break there was obviously no school, so I watched her, Ayla, and her brother, Drew. Lily had a blast having 2 playmates for 3 whole days. I, on the other hand, was feeling overwhelmed and was definitely exhausted by the time 3 days was over!!! But we made it :) And my awesome Aunt let us come over and ride on the horses! The kids had a blast even though Ayla and Lily didn't want to ride the horse. Lily has been on Tammy's horse before, but of course she HAS to do everything that Ayla does-or doesn't do-and if Ayla doesn't ride the horse, Lily doesn't ride the horse. This drives me nuts, but I know it's just a stage....right?! Anyway, here are some fun photos of our afternoon:

Jameson is really good at saying "dog", except any animal that moves he yells dog! As soon as he saw this horse, Rose, he kept saying "dog" over and over! And his voice is so deep! He cracks me up!

Ayla and Lily hanging out. Rose Jameson in mid-sneeze. I was trying to get a picture of him with the ball you see in the background!
Even Jameson took a turn on riding this pretty horse named Nikki. He loved it!
Ayla and her brother Drew.
The girls just posing for a picture. They never actually rode Nikki. Silly girls.
After horsin' around (I know, I'm a dork, but I couldn't help myself!) we followed my aunt and cousin Jessica to another little "farm" that they were house-sitting for. Here's my cousin hanging out with J-man. The kids got to see 2 giant cows and they got to jump around on a haystack. There were also chickens to see! Jameson was just staring at those creatures just walking around. Tammy said we could take the eggs if we wanted them since the owners were out of town! Free eggs?! Sweet! Luckily, I had some helmets in my car so each kid got to hold a helmet and grab eggs!
Ayla taking a turn to grab some eggs. That chicken on the right side of the picture was stubborn and wouldn't move from those eggs! But the chicken was calm and didn't care that the kids were trying to grab eggs around her.
Lily, on the other hand, was a little freaked out. The chicken is that dark shadow in the right side of the pic. But, I give her credit for going INTO the hen house! Remember the bathroom horror in Disneyland and she would complain when it stunk in there and wouldn't walk in?! Yup, she's getting braver in her old age! ;)

Well, that's all the pictures. And I'm SO sad I didn't get one of my aunt with the kids!!!! Sorry Tammy! We had such a blast and the kids were still talking about the "farm" for days! Thanks Tammy :)

And it's officially the week before Easter, meaning I haven't seen my husband for more than 3ish hours each day for the past week!!! That boy is BUSY. But he's having fun and it is his job! Practices start tomorrow and are everyday from 5pm-10pm! Our church is so great and is actually feeding us dinner each night. I'm so thankful for that! And my kids won't have to be in childcare until 10pm because my wonderful mother-in-law will stay with them each night until we come home! And then my parents will also help on Easter weekend. Can I just say I am so lucky to have such amazing sets of parents to help all the time with my kids?!!! Anyway, I will say that the Easter set they are building is ginormous and so cool!!! I'm really excited to be a part of the choir this year. So people, if you don't have an Easter service to go to, come to our Easter presentation at Salem Heights Church! Here's the info on it from our church's website: Please join us for "Doubt No More," a dramatic presentation of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of his disciple, Thomas. This presentation will incorporate both music and drama. We have several presentation times available for your convenience and childcare is provided for all performances. Performance times are: Saturday, April 23rd at 5 & 7 PM Sunday, April 24th at 9 & 11 AM Free to the public No tickets required Please plan to join us for any or all performances! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our life lately...

Nothing too exciting has been going on in the Acker household. Just staying busy and keeping up with our crazy kiddos!!! We are getting ready for the Easter production at church which has kept AJ busy-and me too! I decided to join the Easter choir this year and I'm having lots of fun doing it. Plus, I get to spend LOTS of time with my husband which is great! :) Anyway, here are few random photos of our life lately:

As soon as daddy gets home these kids grab their blankets and want to snuggle with him. It's so sweet!

Lily was playing dress up and wanted to be a bride. She's wearing a too-big-for-her dress and a too-small-for-her tutu on her head for the veil. She liked it though! Jameson getting ready to get his hair cut by AJ! This is the second time AJ has done it and it's been great. Plus, I like the price of FREE! As long as Jameson is holding a sucker, he is as happy as a clam.
Love this picture even though it's a bit blurry. My friend, Charissa, had a sweet baby girl a month ago! Lily loved holding little Cayden. Isn't she the sweetest baby?! I just want to eat her up! Lily is pretty cute too :)
All dressed up for church! Too bad Jameson isn't smiling. Oh well.
My poor son. He was standing in front of the dishwasher and the door was about to fall on his head. I stepped over him to block him from that and then Jameson tripped over my foot! He was holding a graham cracker (and still is in this picture!) so he landed flat on his face on our hardwood floors. Screaming baby with a bloody lip is no fun! But after 5 minutes he went back to playing and running around. I felt terrible though! Don't his eyes look so beautiful in this picture?! Gotta love those "Acker blues!"
He's a trooper!
Love these kids. They shared popcorn together and had fun doing it!
Jameson will sometimes help me unload the dishwasher. Here he is putting (or just dropping) the silverware away. He does a good job! It's never too early to teach 'em right?!
My sweet Lily. AJ and I were trying to nap after church one day and Lily wanted to come lay with us. She actually fell asleep after a 1/2 hour of asking me questions. So, instead of all of us napping it was mainly only Lily and AJ. She is a loud breather!! :)

And that's our life lately!!!!