Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hard to believe it has already been a month since we were at the "Happiest Place on Earth." We went again with the whole family! This included my parents, siblings, and their significant others. Before we left the weather report said rain every day!! We went prepared with ponchos, boots and rain coats! Luckily we only needed them a couple of times! Praise the Lord! Anyway, my parents took Lily a day early so it was just us "kids" with Jameson on the way there! I'm so thankful for my siblings (and Kevin and Katie!) for helping! Here's Jameson on the way...a sucker so his ears don't hurt! He was a happy boy and did really well on the plane!

Disneyland! Lily hanging out with Auntie Leandra and Uncle Kevin.
Happy little boy! On the Jungle Cruise ride. Pulling out our rain gear for just a little bit! Lily with her Auntie Lu on Pirates-which she loved! Such a stylish girl :)
Jameson can sleep in rain or shine! Jameson already making his move on the ladies! ;) These girls were watching Jameson walk around and they kept saying how cute he was. They asked their mom to take a picture of them with him so of course I wanted one too! It was pretty funny! Disneyland isn't just for little kids! So cute Lily with her Nana on Buzz Lightyear-Lily also loved this ride.
The kids playing nicely together! I just love Jameson's face! The kids are OUT! Although the reason Lily was asleep is because of exhaustion from crying for a 1/2 hour straight! This girl was terrified of the automatic flushers in the bathrooms. She would only go potty at the hotel in the morning before we left for Dland and at night before bed! We realized she was just too busy playing and wasn't getting enough liquids. Anyway, I tried taking her to every potty in the park (at least I took her to 3 or 4 of them!) and she would freak out. Nothing I would say or do would help her or calm her down. It was a frustrating mom moment!! I was just worried about her getting a bladder infection! Anyway, it all worked out. She did go potty but not for a while! We finally were pushing fluids into her the rest of the trip and when she had to go she HAD to go! Such a lovely memory of the trip-NOT! :) A fun little show from The Princess and the Frog. Jameson and this little girl became fast friends and were dancing along to the music! Us on Lily's FAVORITE ride: Thunder Mountain Railroad! She loved this fast moving roller coaster! I was amazed. She was even putting her arms up in the air towards the end of this trip when going on this ride! She is a daredevil! Jameson wanted to help himself with Katie's leftover dessert.
And he succeeded! The teacups closed because of the rain one night! But it's so pretty! This was the night my amazing parents took the kids back to the hotel to put them to bed so us BIG kids could play! But then it started pouring! So we left early. We got to go on a few rides before we left. Oh well! So cute :) Waiting for a ride in the rain! I LOVE this picture! All of us on Space Mountain...and my brother being, well, Joel :) The next day after the down pour it was sunny! As we walked into Disneyland, their marching band was playing. Love it. Waiting to go on Indiana Jones. Sadly, this is the only picture I have to prove that my dad was there! Sorry Dad! :) Lily LOVED seeing all the characters. She ran right into Jessie's arms!
Our little family! Trying to get a good shot of the kids in their Disney shirts. Jameson was a bit uncooperative :) Lily and Auntie Leandra on another roller coaster! This time in Toontown. I think Lily was tired of taking pictures at this point!Jameson and me on a fun ride in California Adventure.

It was such a fun trip! AJ and I decided we will not go to Dland with just our little family until the kids are at least 7 years old! We had so much help from my family the entire time! I can't imagine going without them! Plus, they're fun to be with too! :) All in all, the kids did really well on the trip and had a blast for going to the park 3 days (and 4 days for Lily!) in a row! Can't wait to go again-with help of course!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011




feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

How thankful am I to have God's Word at my hands whenever I want to read it? I didn't have to wait months or years to get it into my hands. Am I dancing with joy and waiting in anticipation whenever I am about to open the Bible and read from His Word?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Oh, I'm SO ready for sun!! Instead of moaning and groaning about the weather on this very soggy day, I decided to have fun with it when it came to lunch time. Take a looksie:

Umbrella PB&J sandwich, carrot rain drops, and a puddle of ranch. Lily loved it and ate every bite! Can't say I can take complete credit for this fun lunch idea. I get inspiration from this mom here. She's way more creative, but it's baby steps people! Now go get a book and curl up under a blanket while watching the rain outside!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PJ's, a Doll house, and Paint!

I have tons of Disneyland pictures I need to put up, but the amount of them is overwhelming so I'm ignoring them. They will be up here soon. Promise. So to keep you happy while you wait, here are a couple of pictures I found.
How handsome is this guy after a bath?! Love his cheesy grin.
He is practically running now. This may sound crazy, but him walking actually makes my life easier!
Don't make fun of my son for playing with his sister's doll house. He was only grabbing the toys and putting them in his mouth. It's cool. I'm just glad they can play so nicely together! (most of the time that is!)

And I've been wanting to redo this baby for a while now:
This was my parent's hutch. They bought it when they got married 35 (I think!) years ago. After AJ and I got married, they gave this hutch to us and they got a more modern one for them. I was just glad they gave it to us as I've always loved it! Anyway, I'm thinking it's time for some paint and new hardware. I'm wanting to paint it this color that's on the walls in the picture:

Sort of a blue/gray , and I'm wanting to paint the wall behind it this color:

A light poppy color. What do ya'll think? My other option is keeping the hutch the blue/gray color and painting the wall behind it red. But I already have lots of red in my house and I'm kinda bored with it. I think this light poppy color would bright things up a bit. But then again, you want rooms to flow in a house right? Only the wall behind the hutch will be painted a "fun" color and the rest of the walls in the room will be a light tan color. I'm not an interior decorator or designer at.all. so all of you blog readers out there who are, give me some advice! I realize redoing this hutch will take lots of time! And sanding. And painting. But just imagine what the finished product will look like!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Parties

It's been almost a month since Lily turned 4 and I still haven't put pictures up here of her parties! Oops! She got to have a friend party with a few girls from church and then a family party on her actual birthday. Lily loved her birthday weekend!

Lily wanted a Tinkerbell party.

All the girls enjoying some dinner and being quite silly!

After dinner we played some games. The first being "Pin the wings on Tinkerbell"-I know, so creative right? J/k.

And the second game being "Hot Potato" except it's with a wand. They had fun though!

After games the girls got to decorate their own cupcakes. They got to choose what kind of candy they wanted to put on them. I was thinking all of them would put every piece of candy on their cupcakes, but they didn't! They did really well!

Such concentration!

Then the girls colored some Tinkerbell pictures.

And present time! Lily had so much fun playing with her friends and they all did really well together! It was the first party I've hosted where no parents are allowed :) AJ was my helper and it was really easy cause the girls just played! And here is Lily on her actual birthday in front of ALL her presents! This girl is loved and spoiled! :)

A new double stroller for her baby dolls!

Lily is obsessed with jeans. She was very excited for a new pair! I just love how much of a girl she is by holding up her pants to her : ) Wonder where she learned that from?!

Jameson loving on one of Lily's babies. Isn't he so sweet?!

My brother stole my camera. But I had to put this on here cause Katie looks so cute in it :) And they told us at this party that they are ENGAGED!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Jameson LOVES balloons and can balloon pretty well too!

And a NEW Hello Kitty shirt! Thanks to Lily's Great Grandparents for picking this out! She LOVES it and can now rotate it with her other shirt. We had so much fun celebrating our big 4 year old!!!