Sunday, March 13, 2011

PJ's, a Doll house, and Paint!

I have tons of Disneyland pictures I need to put up, but the amount of them is overwhelming so I'm ignoring them. They will be up here soon. Promise. So to keep you happy while you wait, here are a couple of pictures I found.
How handsome is this guy after a bath?! Love his cheesy grin.
He is practically running now. This may sound crazy, but him walking actually makes my life easier!
Don't make fun of my son for playing with his sister's doll house. He was only grabbing the toys and putting them in his mouth. It's cool. I'm just glad they can play so nicely together! (most of the time that is!)

And I've been wanting to redo this baby for a while now:
This was my parent's hutch. They bought it when they got married 35 (I think!) years ago. After AJ and I got married, they gave this hutch to us and they got a more modern one for them. I was just glad they gave it to us as I've always loved it! Anyway, I'm thinking it's time for some paint and new hardware. I'm wanting to paint it this color that's on the walls in the picture:

Sort of a blue/gray , and I'm wanting to paint the wall behind it this color:

A light poppy color. What do ya'll think? My other option is keeping the hutch the blue/gray color and painting the wall behind it red. But I already have lots of red in my house and I'm kinda bored with it. I think this light poppy color would bright things up a bit. But then again, you want rooms to flow in a house right? Only the wall behind the hutch will be painted a "fun" color and the rest of the walls in the room will be a light tan color. I'm not an interior decorator or designer at.all. so all of you blog readers out there who are, give me some advice! I realize redoing this hutch will take lots of time! And sanding. And painting. But just imagine what the finished product will look like!


Joe, Jess, Joy and Jenna said...

Check out some decorating blogs before you paint, if you haven't already. Some of my favorites are , , These gals also have links to other great decorating sites! Sooo excited to see how things turn out. That hutch will look awesome!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the color you chose for the hutch, that will look fantastic! Ok, I am definitely a believer in making the house flow with colors...they don't all have to match, but I think the red and the pretty poppy color would compete. However, it totally depends on how close the colors would be. Either way, I am no expert or even that good at design, but that's what I would recommend :)And yes, google some inspiration...great idea Jess!

Family of 5 said...

I love the color scheme...and totally will help you paint the hutch if you need help! I think you could do that wall poppy b/c your red wall is in the other part of the back room, so it's not like they would be close together! Let me know what you decide!!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Ahh ha! Here's the post - just now catching up on blogs. :) I LOVE the color scheme - I day do it.

So fun to hang out with you today! Thanks again!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.