Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Parties

It's been almost a month since Lily turned 4 and I still haven't put pictures up here of her parties! Oops! She got to have a friend party with a few girls from church and then a family party on her actual birthday. Lily loved her birthday weekend!

Lily wanted a Tinkerbell party.

All the girls enjoying some dinner and being quite silly!

After dinner we played some games. The first being "Pin the wings on Tinkerbell"-I know, so creative right? J/k.

And the second game being "Hot Potato" except it's with a wand. They had fun though!

After games the girls got to decorate their own cupcakes. They got to choose what kind of candy they wanted to put on them. I was thinking all of them would put every piece of candy on their cupcakes, but they didn't! They did really well!

Such concentration!

Then the girls colored some Tinkerbell pictures.

And present time! Lily had so much fun playing with her friends and they all did really well together! It was the first party I've hosted where no parents are allowed :) AJ was my helper and it was really easy cause the girls just played! And here is Lily on her actual birthday in front of ALL her presents! This girl is loved and spoiled! :)

A new double stroller for her baby dolls!

Lily is obsessed with jeans. She was very excited for a new pair! I just love how much of a girl she is by holding up her pants to her : ) Wonder where she learned that from?!

Jameson loving on one of Lily's babies. Isn't he so sweet?!

My brother stole my camera. But I had to put this on here cause Katie looks so cute in it :) And they told us at this party that they are ENGAGED!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Jameson LOVES balloons and can balloon pretty well too!

And a NEW Hello Kitty shirt! Thanks to Lily's Great Grandparents for picking this out! She LOVES it and can now rotate it with her other shirt. We had so much fun celebrating our big 4 year old!!!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Cuter that cute pics of the bday girl and Joel's engaged! YEAH!

Amber said...

She is so the pics! And Yahoooo to brother Joel!! That is so awesome! Although he is still supposed to be 10 to me....not getting old enough to be engaged!! ;)

pfnisterfam said...

Fun pics! I may use your idea for "pin the wings on Tinkerbell" because Hannah told me she wants a Tink party this year too...unless she changes her mind. :)

Family of 5 said...

OH what a fun party!! It's fun to see the pics since we left Cami there for the girly party! :) She had a blast!! It's hard to believe that Lily is growing up so fast!! She's a beautiful, sweet lil girl!!