Monday, April 23, 2012

I was right....

All along I thought I was having a boy, and sure enough:

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer/scanner isn't working (UGH!) so I had to take a picture of my ultrasound pictures! Anyway, all looks well as far as we can tell! Lily was actually wanting another brother, even though early on she wanted a sister! So, it all works out! And since my sister is having a boy, now our boys can be buddies since they'll only be 3 months apart! SO fun! Now, if only we had a name! Boy names are especially hard for us. So, if you have any suggestions, send 'em our way! Doesn't he have the cutest profile?! :)


Family of 5 said...

He is soooo cute!! You guys make cute babies!! :)
I love him already and can't wait to meet him!!

paulashley said...

I'm so excited for you guys! And yes he is stinkin' adorable! Connor is the name I had set aside in case Briella turned out a boy. I still love it, but since we aren't thinking we'll be having another one any time soon, I would feel better if it found a good home :) Well, there's my suggestion- have fun reading baby name web sites for hours! ;)

Connie said...

Yay!! A boy!! So fun for Jameson too to have a brother! Names I love for boys: Carter, Brighton, Miles, and Jace. :)

Cathy said...


I still like Mason. (from when Will was unnamed)

I like Jackson too. Ug, there's another one I really liked when I heard it but I'm spacing...I'll let you know when I remember.:)

Mikaela said...

That will be so fun for Jameson as well! As far as boy names. . .good luck. We resorted to a book Thousands of years old to find one ;op

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