Friday, May 11, 2012


Life has been so busy here lately!!! I think we have had or will have something every weekend in May! Crazy! And my kids aren't even in school or sports yet! :) But, aside from the fact that our lives are busy, we are enjoying these sunny days here in the great NW! The kids are playing outside every chance they get-which I love! I'm looking forward to the summer (minus the heat when I'm a ginormous pregnant lady!) and playing in sprinklers, eating ice cream, taking walks to the park, etc. Anyway, thought I'd update life at the Acker household with a few photos:
 Officially 22 weeks today! Although, this was taken about 5 days ago. Feeling pretty good, but definitely feeling aches and pains sooner with this 3rd pregnancy! This boy is pretty active at night and quiet during the day. I have a feeling it'll be like that when he's born! We're still debating names. I have lots that I love, but AJ vetoes all of them. Someday this child will be named! And how great that God already knows his name?! :)
 My sweet nephew, Colton! Andrea was doing something so we got to watch him for a little bit one night this week. He is 7 months old and at such a fun age. The kids LOVE him!! And so do we!
 Seriously, how cute is his little grin?!
 Lily wanted me to take a picture of her. It was her idea to pose like this too! Gotta love her outfit. She gets herself dressed every morning, which is usually awesome. But there are days when I say, "Uh, let's change your shirt." :)
 So sweet.
 Jameson was practicing his golfing skills. He actually hit the ball too! I have a feeling he'll be a part of many sports in his future!

 This was taken today. How cute are they?! They play so well together (most of the time!) And they make up all sorts of games and things to do outside together. But, look closely at Jameson's left eye.
See it? He got his first black/blue/swollen eye! Yesterday he was playing on a swing and tried to jump off it, because that's what big sister Lily does. Anyway, he fell on his hands and knees and the swing was obviously still swinging and hit him in the head multiple times. I wasn't here to witness it, but AJ said Jameson cried the hard, silent cry where he makes no sounds. SO sad! I guess I should be thankful it took him 2 1/2 years to get his first black eye. It's not totally black right now, but it pretty much is getting worse as the hours tick by. Luckily, he has fogotten about it and it doesn't seem to bother him! I'm thinking we'll be experiencing many more black eyes in our future-especially with 2 boys!! :)


Family of 5 said...

such sweet moments with your lil ones!! I love watching them grow up...from the fun interesting clothing they choose, to the black eyes!! They keep us on our toes!! And life will only become busier!! Your such a good mom!!