Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eagle Crest '12

We just got back from a 2 week vacation/mission trip and I'm finally home to tell about it! This will just be about Eagle Crest, and the next post I'll write about our awesome mission trip!

Every summer we go with AJ's whole family (parents, sister and her family) to Eagle Crest for a week. It's tons of fun where I hardly ever cook, the kids are entertained, and we get to lay by the pool! Well, I didn't do so much laying out this year, kinda hard to do with a giant, pregnant belly!

Our good friends happened to be vacationing at Eagle Crest the same time we were there, so we got to play with their little guy lots! The kids, especially Jameson, love him!

 Isn't he the cutest?! Love my sweet nephew Colton!

 The view from our deck. So peaceful and beautiful!
 Yay for funny face pancakes with Auntie Andrea!
 Nothing like eating breakfast on the deck.
 Pool time!
 Um, say no to crack?!

 Whoa, that's the view I always have looking down :) And I was "trying" to get color on my legs so I kinda forgot (OK, on purpose!) to wear sunscreen on them. Um, worst mistake EVER!!!! I was burned to a crisp. And it was so, so painful. Never again will I make that mistake!

Playing on scooters (Jameson calls his a "tooter!") and with cousin Colton!
 Watching some musical youtube videos before bed.

 We love Grandma's smoothies!

 How cute are my in-laws?!
 And unfortunately, the trip ended with both kids throwing up. Yuck. First it was Jameson one day, then Lily had it the next. I'm so thankful we were all in the same room so we could easily take care of them. Had we'd been home, I can't imagine cleaning up bunk beds filled with vomit! A bummer way to end the vacation, but we made it! Here the kids are relaxing with a movie. Poor sick babies!
Thanks Dan and Barb for a super fun week!!!

And while we were there, I hit 28 weeks! (this was almost 2 weeks ago now) Feeling huge. People keep telling me, "You look like you're ready to pop!" Yup. I know. We make big babies. I honestly don't know how much bigger I can get for another 2 months! Yikes! Oh well, it's totally worth it! :)


Erin said...

I love the pictures with Daniel! Boy, did that bring a tear to my eye to see him getting to be friends with your kids. God is amazing!!!! Oh - and I'm glad you had such a great vacay :)