Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Jameson...

I love my boy. Really, I do. But, he gets into everything!!! Is it because he's 2? Or because he's a boy? Or because he has red hair?!! He definitely keeps me on my toes. If there is ever a quiet moment and I don't know where Jameson is, you better believe I'm running around trying to find him! I was able to capture some photos of this little stinker and I thought ya'll would want to see them :)

We put him to bed, and before we go to bed we always check on our kids. This is how we found Jameson! And it was freezing that night! Crazy boy!

 Yup, that's my lipstick all over his face.
 Another PJ mishap. This time he was still awake, but he had unzipped his pj's AND took his diaper off!!! Luckily, he hadn't peed or anything! YIKES!
 He has the cheesiest smile! He wasn't mischevious in this picture, just cute :) I love the "fohawk" look!
And he decided to get into Lily's markers and draw himself some facial hair. Oh boy! I have a feeling he is going to be a crazy little boy in school! But I do love him!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merry Christmas!! (A little late!)

Well, it's only the first week of January so it's not too late to post about Christmas right?! Oops! Here it goes! Warning: Picture overload!!

A few weeks before Christmas, Lily was a part of the Pee Wee Choir at church for the second year in a row. They sang 2 songs; Joy to the World and Silent Night. She had a blast being a part of it and was most excited to wear her new Christmas outfit! That's my girl :)

So cute before we leave for church!

 She concentrates very hard on singing!
 All the kids! Crazy to think next year Jameson is "eligible" to be a part of it! Not sure if he can handle it. I can see him jumping on the stage while singing!
Then, since Christmas fell on Sunday this year, and with AJ being at church early to lead worship at 2 services Christmas morning, we decided to celebrate with our little family 2 nights before Christmas! Luckily, the kids aren't old enough to know what day Christmas falls on. They had 3 straight days of present openings! Here they are with their stockings:

 New shirt!
 New truck!
That night, we also decorated sugar cookies. I didn't want the frosting to stain their clothes, so they got to be naked chefs!

 Jameson did well....for the most part! He got 3 cookies to decorate and would slap on some frosting then just lick it off. Talk about a sugar high right before bed!
 Lily did great and decorated a lot! This was her kind of thing.
And right before bed, they opened their annual "Christmas Eve Jammies!" Although, it was Christmas Eve Eve to them :)
Christmas Eve day we headed on over to the Acker's all day! So much fun being with family and eating lots and opening presents!
 Jameson playing catch with Uncle Jeff!
 A new football helmet from Grandpa! This boy is obsessed with football and helmets!
 Toy airplane for AJ...he's quite excited!
 New purse for me!
Christmas morning (after church),we headed on to my parent's house for an entire day of eating, being with more family, and opening more presents!
 Lily braiding her Auntie Lu's hair
Newlyweds and their cute Christmas tie and sweater!
AJ loving his new Traeger BBQ pellets

Hmm...what should I eat next?!
 New baby doll clothes!

 Yay more balls!
 Jameson got this bouncy ball from Leandra and Kevin, and she and Joel were trying to teach him how to use it. It was quite hilarious as he had no idea what to do and Leandra was making him jump up and down. So funny. But you kinda had to be there to think it was funny :)
 Hmm...what could be in those presents?!
A new (toy) guitar!!!!! Jameson was thrilled! He calls them "seetar!"
Joel was trying to tune Lily's guitar. Funny how I take a picture of him with her cute pink guitar but not one of Lily with it!
And that's our Christmas extravaganza! We were so blessed by our families and we so enjoy spending time with them! Happy New Year :)