Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Jameson...

I love my boy. Really, I do. But, he gets into everything!!! Is it because he's 2? Or because he's a boy? Or because he has red hair?!! He definitely keeps me on my toes. If there is ever a quiet moment and I don't know where Jameson is, you better believe I'm running around trying to find him! I was able to capture some photos of this little stinker and I thought ya'll would want to see them :)

We put him to bed, and before we go to bed we always check on our kids. This is how we found Jameson! And it was freezing that night! Crazy boy!

 Yup, that's my lipstick all over his face.
 Another PJ mishap. This time he was still awake, but he had unzipped his pj's AND took his diaper off!!! Luckily, he hadn't peed or anything! YIKES!
 He has the cheesiest smile! He wasn't mischevious in this picture, just cute :) I love the "fohawk" look!
And he decided to get into Lily's markers and draw himself some facial hair. Oh boy! I have a feeling he is going to be a crazy little boy in school! But I do love him!!!


Family of 5 said...

Oh love mischievious! That's how Micah was/is! :0) If it's quiet they are probably getting into trouble! I'm sure he'll calm down once he gets a lil older! He's so silly!!

Amber said...

Thats all boy! Jack was the same at that age and still is! :)

Mohamad Zawawi Ashari said...

so cute..