Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Year

Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and quite frankly, it felt like any other day at home. Which is fine, because we did the bulk of the celebrating the Friday before with the WHOLE family! (more on that later!) I've come to realize though, that once you're a mom birthdays aren't that different than any other day. (And maybe I'm realizing this because I'm pregnant and hormonal!) Anyway, being a mom, you're at home all day changing diapers, wiping noses, making mac 'n cheese for lunch, etc. Sure, people were calling or emailing sending me thoughtful and warm wishes. But days at home are quite different from when I was in the working world. I was used to getting flowers sent to my office, or me and the gals at work would go out for lunch. But you know what? I wouldn't trade my days at home for anything!! I LOVE being a stay at home mom!! But ON my birthday we did get to go out to Red Robin for my FREE birthday burger-so that was lots of fun! Anyway, here's some fun pictures from the birthday celebration that the Acker's so graciously hosted! (And I realized there are TONS of pictures once again-I just can't choose which ones so I post them all!)

The theme was going to be "fancy." My wish was to have appetizer/finger foods for dinner! Everyone pitched in and I didn't bring anything-the best! And the food was amazing!

Some of the family L-R: My sister Leandra, her friend Kevin, sis-in-law Andrea, me, my brother Joel and his friend Katie.

Lily drinking orange juice out of a fancy (plastic) champagne flute. She thought she was pretty special.

Birthday parties = game time for the party planner Andrea! She's so creative and thought of this fun "shopping" game (cause I love to shop!) for all of us to play!
The score sheet

Everyone listening well to our game host Andrea

Holding up an item that we were to guess how much it cost.

Just SOME of the presents-I'm spoiled people!

A new book from Andrea about the Gosselin family, a.k.a. "Jon and Kate plus 8" I love that show and I don't even have cable!

My dad and Lily goofing around

A new maternity shirt-don't have many summer clothes from my pregnancy with Lily-so this is good!

Lily hanging with her uncle Joel
And with her Auntie Lu

A cute sign from my mom-in-law Barb

The amazing cake my mom slaved over to make for me!! It was so fresh and so good! A true labor of love! Thanks mom!
So, I asked for this super cute hoodie before I knew I was pregnant. It fits fine, but as you can see, it's a bit tight around my plump belly. I'll still wear it, but just might need to not wear it zipped up! This was from AJ by the way-what a great husband I have!
Me and my brother

Playing some pool and Lily so badly wanted to play!

AJ and Katie playing foosball
And Andrea being silly with me and my preggo belly!

It was such a FUN night and a big thank you to my family for working hard to make it happen and for spoiling me rotten! Thanks for everything!


Princess Jessie Pants said...

Happy birthday Amanda! What a fun family birthday party you had! It was fun to look at all of your pictures!! 26?!? You're just a young little thing... :)


Family of 5 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful biirthday celebration! What a great fam you have!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday! ...a little late I guess:) Looks like it was a good one!

Katie Willard said...

Looks like fun Amanda! I've read the book that you got- I think you'll really like it. :)
Hey thanks for your post on my blog. I appreciate your prayers. Happy Birthday (late)!

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

I love that you already have such a cutie LITTLE belly! You are so skinny, so I can imagine that baby has no where to go but OUT. I am so happy for you. I read your little story and saw your video. Your family's reaction is priceless! That is so wonderful. I had a hard time getting pregnant with Cade, so I am a little nervous about trying again and when to begin that journey. Were you guys officially trying, or was it a total surprise? I would love to hear more about it! Hope that your pregnancy goes well.

Amber said...

What great pics!! Dont you just love birthdays so you can get major spoiled?! :) You look great too...and I love the baby counter on the side....yay yay!!! :)

joles family said...

Congratulations on baby number 2 on the way! And happy birthday! You all must be so excited! Hope you are feeling well!