Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crawl 'n Slide

Lily got a slip 'n slide for her birthday (which was in February!) and we've been anxiously waiting to use it! The weather has FINALLY been nice enough lately, so we put out the slip 'n slide the other day. Lily can be a dare devil at times, but she's usually pretty cautious about things at first!Instead of running and sliding on this new toy, she wanted to crawl!
And she made it to the end! Jameson wanted to try it out too! I love his chubby little ankles!

Then they just wanted to sit on the slide and play in the water. Jameson LOVED it! In fact, when I picked him up to go inside, he started crying. He was having too much fun trying to grab at that water!

We had so much fun using it and look forward to many more times playing with it! Hopefully, by the end of the summer Lily will be wanting to actually slide instead of crawl! ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leandra and Kevin's Wedding

My sister got married on June 12th and I'm just now putting pictures on here! My bad ;) It definitely took us all some time to recoup after a busy, fun wedding weekend! The day was beautiful with the sun shining bright. Leandra was GORGEOUS and I loved being a part of their day. I cried too much, but I guess that was going to happen considering it was my sister getting married :) Our fun bridesmaid bags that were full of fun gifts from Leandra!Waiting to put her gown on...Ta Da!!Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!!
Me and my Lily Mae being quite silly! A much nicer picture! This girl was quite the ham when it was time for her to be the flower girl. She started off great, and once she realized everyone was looking at her and "oohing" and "aahing" she quickly turned from the sweet girl to a goofy one! She dumped the remaining flowers right where she was standing (she was only halfway into the auditorium!) and dropped her basket on the floor and RAN to the stage where we were all at. OH MY! I wanted to die. She stood on the stage for maybe 4 minutes and decided to walk off and sit with daddy in the audience-which we figured would happen at some point, but just not right away! Oh well, I guess it's expected from a 3 year old right?!Family photoSigning the marriage license
Jameson hanging out with his GrandpaSisters!! And nothing like a graham cracker and sparkling cider to eat right before you walk down the aisle :) At the reception and just chillin'Father/daughter dance-so sweet!
Mr. and Mrs.! Aren't they so cute together?!!!! Getting ready to say my toast and feeling so nervous!Toasting away...and I cried WAY too much during it! Oh well :) Cutting the beautiful cake!
She was nice while feeding him cake. He pretended to be mean, but played nicely in the end!Our awesome line dance instructor, Francel!Line dancing! It was SO fun! Yup, that's my brother groovin' to some country!

My dad and his grandson! Getting some sweet kisses from his beautiful Auntie!

I didn't get nearly enough pictures that I wanted, but I was a bit busy fulfilling my matron of honor roll and taking care of my kids! :) We had such a fun day and I really want to do it all over again because it was great! Lily also keeps trying on dresses and asks if she can wear them to Auntie Leandra's wedding! Leandra and Kevin are STILL on their honeymoon (2 whole weeks!) and get back this weekend. I can't wait to see them! Congratulations you two!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Months!

I can't believe we're over the halfway mark until Jameson turns 1!!! Crazy! He is still as sweet as ever and we are loving him more and more each day. Lily is also loving on him lots and rarely hits him on purpose anymore! Big difference from when he first entered her world! She loves to make him smile while they're riding in the car together and she loves giving him kisses too. One day I'll have her help me feed him food....I'm just a bit worried she'll shove the spoon way into his mouth!

*Jameson is wearing 12 month clothes (and has been since he was 6 months!)

*Eating cereal and orange veggies. Tried green beans 2 times and he hated them. I'll try them again later along with other green veggies. I'm also making my own baby food! I never did with Lily so I thought I'd try with the boy. I will say I've never bought nor cooked a squash before, but now I'm a pro at it! It's actually quite fun for me to make his food-I feel all domestic-y. :)

*Sleeps wonderfully. Lately, I've been putting him down around 9:30 and he'll sleep until 6 or 6:30, I'll feed him, then put him back down until 9! Awesome!
*Loves to giggle at us all

*Can sit up on his own! We still put the boppy behind him just in case he falls backward, but it's definitely a whole new world for him which he loves!
*He finally rolled over on his own from his back to tummy. He doesn't do it often, but he can do it!
*Still doesn't love being on his tummy for play time. And he always spits up when he's on his stomach! I'm sure he'll be a late crawler like Lily was (She didn't crawl until 11 months and started walking at 15 months!!!!)

*Is officially out of his infant carrier because he's too long for it! It makes it a bit hard for when he still falls asleep in the car because his poor little head just droops down and he looks so uncomfortable!

*Is truly a happy baby all the time (unless he's hungry or tired!)

Smiling for the moment while on his tummy!

Getting some sweet kisses from sister

He's working hard to get those toes into his mouth!! Can he make it over his big belly?!

And he can!!!! He LOVES sucking on his toes-it cracks me up!

Sitting up like such a big boy!

First bath in the sink! I can't believe I never did this with Lily when it's so easy to do! Plus, it's easy on my back! And check out all those rolls!!

Such sweet kids!!! This was before church last week.

And a close-up. We're so blessed!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Made a visit to AJ's Grandma's place. She is 95 years old! How fun for Lily to have 2 great grandma's!
Jameson and Grandma Jean.

Made a stop at Burger King on our way to see Grandma. It was fun to sit as a family considering this was the first time Jameson was in a high chair and not sleeping in his baby carrier (which he's been out of for a while now!)

Lily and "Big Baby." Found her like this one sunny afternoon! Took her doll outside on the patio and Lily tells me they were napping! She hasn't quite figured out how to name things yet either. She also has 2 blankets she loves. One is small-"little blankie", and the other one is large- "big blankie."
Why not get all dressed up for bed time?!
Cheesy smile on Lily's part...but at least I can prove she does in fact brush her teeth!
Not sure why I have such a ginormous smile, but I was trying out the front pack with J-man. His thighs are almost too big for it!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tulip Fun

Way back in April, we went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn. AJ and I went one time way before Lily was born and we haven't been back since. It was a ton of fun and it happened to be a beautiful day too! Too bright for her eyes!Swinging awayGoing up a ladder with dad's helpThe coolest ride ever!! They had this line of "cows" that was for kids only. It was being pulled by a little tractor and I think it was $3. It was the cheapest ride because Lily was probably gone for 10 minutes!! They just pulled that string of kids all over that farm area. She was sitting right up front behind the tractor and was just bouncing around all over.
Off they go!She's sitting up front On their way back...After her ride was done, we noticed there was a "Lily" cow! I am just that kind of mom and wanted a picture of MY Lily in the cow-except they spelled her name wrong : )

Such a sweet girlTulips EVERYWHERE! They are my favorite flower!

Me and my little girl-although when I say that she tells me, "No mom, I'm a big girl." Oh, ok then!

AJ said to make silly faces....but it turns out I'm the only one that got that memo. Instead of it looking silly, I just look stupid. Oh well!

Love my babies! Just wish AJ was in this picture-he really was there : )