Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look Who's Cooing!

AJ got Jameson to laugh for the first time last week!!! It was adorable! And of course by the time I got the camera out to record he wouldn't laugh anymore. But you do hear him cooing and "talking" with AJ! And sorry the video is so dark!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lily's Birthday Parties

Lily is one loved girl! On her actual birthday we had the family over for a birthday lunch to celebrate Lily. She got lots of great stuff and LOVED being the center of attention! (wonder where she gets that from?!) With all of her gifts!Giving her auntie Andrea some loveShe loves her new bean bag chair from Grandma and Grandpa!And her very own watch from Auntie Leandra and Uncle (almost!) Kevin And a fun, new umbrella from her Papa and Nana!When I asked Lily what she wanted for her birthday (cake, cupcakes, etc.) she said "pop-a-sicles." I love that she says that for popsicles! Anyway, I stuck 3 candles in a fudge bar and we all sang. She thoroughly enjoyed her "pop-a-sicle" while the rest of us had brownie sundaes! A couple of days later, Lily had a few of her friends over for a princess dress-up party. My sweet Cinderella! (My mom purchased this dress for her in Disneyland when we were there. Lily loves it!)The table settingPrincess stuff everywhere!I love this picture-the princess waiting for her guests to arrive!
Lots of kids and moms! But it was so fun!
And little Jameson was the only boy! Playing a game
Little Cami's turn!
Lily got a turn-she also decided she didn't want to wear her princess dress anymore! I wish I would've remembered to take a group shot of the girls in their dresses but I forgot!
Lunch for the girls! The twins Emmy and Aja-aren't they adorable?!
Opening gifts-it was so hard to take a good picture because I was trying to help Lily open her presents too! Oh well, you get the point :)

Singing Happy Birthday-and yes, she was singing along too!

Blowing out her candles!
We had such a fun time celebrating Lily turning 3!! She is a wonderful little girl and we are so thankful God gave her to us!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Lily!

Today is our baby girl's 3rd birthday!! I can't believe she is 3 already! I will admit I'm a bit nervous for the 3's since I've heard they are worse than the 2's and her second year of life was no piece of cake! But, I know we'll get through it with God's grace of course! Lily is such a joy in our lives and truly is a sweet girl. Of course she has her moments, but what 3 year old doesn't?! She LOVES her daddy and is always wanting to "hold him"-she still says hold you when she wants AJ to hold her. I love it! She is off the charts for her height and we actually go for her 3 year check-up on Monday so I'll be anxious to see how tall she is! She is wearing 5T pants/shirts just so we can get the length to be long enough on her! She really does love her brother and is always saying hi to him, smothering him with kisses, trying to give him (or force on him!) a binky if he's crying, and will even read to him! She has a BIG sweet tooth for sure and if she says she isn't hungry she'll always find room for sweets (we don't let her have too much!). She is also a night owl. We put her to bed between 8 and 8:30 but 99% of the time she won't fall asleep until 9 or 9:30! She'll just lay in her bed and sing songs or talk to her baby. You'd think with her falling asleep so late that she'd sleep in-but nope! She still wakes up between 7:30 and 8am. It's not that bad but I wouldn't mind if it was later! Her favorite songs to sing right now are "The wheels on the bus", "Jesus loves me", her "ABC's", and "Deep and wide." Lily makes AJ and I laugh all the time with words or phrases she'll say. She is a talker too but will act shy around new people. Give her 5 minutes though and she'll be your best friend. We love you Lily Mae and are SO thankful God gave you to us! Happy 3rd Birthday!
6 months

2 years old!

Oh man, looking at those pictures makes me wish she was still little again! But I love being able to communicate with her too! We love you Lily!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm so sad that our trip to Disneyland is over! We had an amazing time and I wish we were still there!! The kids did so well-I was truly amazed! Lily I think had the most fun on the plane and taking the bus from the parking garage to the park! It's the little things that please her! She was afraid of some of the characters but loved Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck. There were some other ones that she'd only wave to from afar. And of course as soon as we walked away she'd be saying that she loved them! Silly girl. Here's LOTS of pictures:On the bus headed to the airport-she loved this! The plane ride went so well and she was really excited when we took off and landed. I was worried she'd cry but she did great. We even had a lot of turbulence at one point, but she was smiling and kinda laughing during it! This girl is a dare devil I think! Friday we woke up to POURING rain. So sad! We still went there hoping it would stop for a bit, but it never did! My mom brought ponchos so we were as covered as we could be. Jameson had no clue it was raining since his car seat and stroller kept him dry-which I was thankful for! After a while Lily was soaked through (I did bring a change of clothes) and we could tell she was ready to go so my parents took both kids back to the hotel while us "bigger" kids stayed and rode some rides together. The good thing about the rain is the park was not crowded at all so we got on all the popular kiddie rides right away! Even dumbo-which, every time I've gone there is always a HUGE line to get on! But Lily and I just walked right on!Still smiling despite the rain!Waiting to go on Peter PanHe was in his car seat most of the days we were there-he was a champ though and did great!On dumbo in the pouring rain! We were crazy, but Lily still enjoyed it-you can't really see her but she's next to me! Gotta love my face too :) And she's still smiling even though water was dripping down her face!Trying to get dry while eating some lunchMy mom making Jameson smileEven Jameson got to go on some rides! This one was Buzz Light Year-Lily loved it too!We did finally see sun! Lily had to wear her sunglasses!And this is what I did most of the time-nursed! We are in the lobby of the Grand California hotel (it has an entrance of it's own that is connected to California Adventure and anyone can go hang out in the lobby!) Anyway, one time we were there random characters would come and say hi to the kids in the lobby. Lily would not go near this bear-although I don't blame her cause his face is kinda creepy looking! She would just wave at him! And the whole rest of the day she kept saying how she waved at the bear and that he was silly!In-N-Out!!! We went there 2 times!Uncle Joel was so nice and sat in the back with Lily and chatted with her the whole trip!Went to Downtown Disney one night and my mom and dad took Lily to Build-a-Bear for an early birthday present. She chose this bear and was helping put the stuffing in him. She was deathly afraid of how loud it was-you can see her holding my mom's finger in the corner of the picture! She's been really sensitive to noises lately-including the automatic flushers on toilets! Hugging her new bear Koda-she named him with some influence from us :)Giving her bear a bathPicking clothes out for Koda-she decided that her bear is a boy bear-I'm wondering if it's because she has a brother now?!Uncle Joel with JamesonHere we are riding the tram from the park to the parking garage and I just loved how my parents were making silly faces at Jameson the whole way! Wouldn't go to Goofy on her own!Loved his ears though!She ran right into Donald's arms!Wouldn't go to Winnie by herself either!The whole gang!Disneyland is the best when it's sunny and clear out!I wanted a break from walking so Joel pushed me in the stroller for a bit and it actually held me! :) It was fun!On It's a Small WorldIn Toon TownSuch a happy boy!At California Adventure-it's a picture of the awesome roller coaster that we all love to ride!On a very lame-o ride for kids (Lily seemed to enjoy herself though!)On a ride with AJ that took them pretty high! We were on these rides in a Bug's Land-so everything we saw or rode on were according to what it'd look like to a bug! Hence the box of applesauce that AJ and Lily are riding in :) Getting ready to go! If you'll notice in the background the center part of the ride is a giant pie tin and it's sitting on top of a giant container of cool whip!Back at Disneyland and on a rocket ride with Lily's Auntie Leandra!Jameson sporting his new Mickey shirt!"A" is for Acker!She's so cuteRiding on this awesome raft ride at California Adventure-I'm wearing a blue shirt and AJ's sorta looking at the camera. I got SOAKED! But it's so fun!I was already pretty wet before this giant geyser hit usAnd now I'm soaked to the bone!See? I told you! It was literally like I had taken a shower with my clothes on! It took a while for me to dry out too!On one of Lily's favorite rides! It was a kiddie version of the tea cups-she was laughing hysterically the first time we went on it!

On the last "ride" before we head home!At the airport...On the plane home (and Jameson is sound asleep!)
If there are any of you still reading this thanks for sticking with it the whole time! I didn't realize how long it would get-and it's a good thing I didn't get pictures from my mom's camera too! We had a great time!!!