Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Months!

Seriously, it feels like I JUST posted about Jameson being 2 months old-and now he's 3! Crazy! Some facts on the BIG man:
*Still sleeping great during the night! I get about 6 hours and sometimes longer. I'm to the point where I don't require a nap during the day :)
*Great eater-as you can tell by looking at his tummy!
*Doesn't love his tummy time, but loves laying on his back and looking up at toys (usually while squealing with delight!)
*In 6-9 month clothes now-did I mention he's only 3 months?!
*Smiles so easily-especially if you whistle to him (my mom found this trick! Thanks mom!)
*Loves his sister-except for when she hurts him (still doing this, but not as often, ugh.)
*He's very content to just lay around and look at his surroundings. The only time he cries is when he's hungry, tired, or poopy. He's such a great baby!

Is it just me or does he look like a GIANT in my arms?!

Just had to show how chunky he is! Check out those thighs! And that his chins (I meant it to be plural!) are resting on his chest!

There's a smile!
Giving his daddy a big smile!
Love AJ's face in this picture-he loves his son!

And a fun picture of Lily:
You may be wondering "why is she in a suitcase?" Well, it's because tomorrow night we leave for DISNEYLAND!!!! We had our suitcases out to pack and she thought it'd be fun to sit in one and have AJ wheel her around the house. Please excuse her clothes too. This girl loves to change her outfits a bazillion times a day and she chose these tights and a gray shirt that is also on backwards. Awesome. Love this girl!


Family of 5 said...

Hehe, what a cute lil chunker! Squishy squishy!

Daisha said...

He is SO CUTE Amanda! He does look very big. Have a fun trip.

Cathy said...'s JUST.NOT.FAIR. that I've been sick for so long and haven't been able to hold him! Growing up TOO fast!

Now if I could just fit in that suitcase as well as Lily....

Have a great time!!