Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scattered Post

I lost my camera-or so I thought. This is my NEW camera we're talking about here, so I was very anxious to find it! I had looked all through the house and came up with nothing. I finally retreated to the garage and looked in my car. Nothing. I came back in to look some more. Nothing. Went back outside to look even deeper into my car and voila'! I found it! YAY! And it happened at just the right time too. Lily was following me all over as I was hunting for my camera and decided to come out into the garage with me. She climbed right up into the driver's seat and proceeded to press all the buttons, turn on the lights, touch everything in sight and pretend to drive. She even grabbed my keys and tried putting them into the ignition! Scary! But I took the opportunity to capture her fun with my camera: Proof she's got my keys in her little hands! She looks like she's having too much fun!
Trying so hard to put those keys in the ignition. She kept asking for "help." Uh, yah right!
As you can tell from those pictures, we've got a healthy girl on our hands again-praise God! We go tomorrow to the doctor for a quick check of her ears to make sure the infection is gone. We were very successful in getting her to take her medicine...well, mainly her daddy is the one that got her to do it! He's so good with her. AJ is almost 100% better as well. This is the longest lasting flu bug yet. I've also heard it comes back after 2 weeks-which puts us in the week of Easter, when he's the most busiest! But God knows and is in control, and really there's nothing we can do but trust Him-and wash our hands lots! I'm so glad Lily and I have yet to get the flu, and hoping it stays that way. I really do hope this was the last of the bugs, but you never know!

Cutie in her jammies

Loving on her daddy-she's definitely a daddy's girl!


Also, today is beautiful outside! A bit chilly, but the sun is shining and it makes me so happy. Again, I'm ready for WARM weather! Took a couple photos to prove we have sun:

Charlie doing a little sunbathing on the patio

And flowery trees! This is a plum tree-I think. You'd think I'd know what trees produce fruit in my backyard considering we've lived here for 6 years, but I don't. I know most of them are apple trees and those have yet to blossom. But when they do, watch out because it's so beautiful! This is proof Springtime is here!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hit Again!

Again, no pictures in this post. We were hit with the flu bug yesterday!! Well, mainly just AJ was hit. He woke up at 3 am Tuesday morning throwing up and it pretty much lasted all day and into the night. Gross. Lily and I were able to head out about 10 am and camp out at my in-laws-thanks again!!! It was wonderful to not be around the sick boy and to have Lily be entertained by someone other than me! :) We came home around 3 pm because AJ was bored and was wanting to see sweet. Except for I wasn't ready to come home! I don't deal well with throw up. If it's Lily, no problem. But my husband....I just can't do it! Needless to say, I slept on the couch last night because I was too worried he'd upchuck while I was in bed with him! He didn't I guess-thank the Lord! He's feeling LOTS better today, just physically drained. I spent all morning cleaning, disinfecting, cleaning, washing everything in sight, cleaning, and disinfecting again. I really hope Lily and I don't catch this bug!! At least he got sick now and not the week of Easter when he's the busiest! God knows right?! Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll actually be getting around to taking some photos. We just haven't been doing anything exciting, especially with all this sickness. Here's to hoping, AGAIN, that we don't get sick much more! I don't know if I can take it anymore! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Healthy! (Well, almost!)

I'm SO thankful for doctors and modern medicine! It's amazing that after one day of Lily being on some antibiotics how much different she was acting! She was a new person, happily playing and starting to get back to her normal ways. She is still hardly eating anything, but I know this won't last forever. She's been doing really well taking her medicine too. AJ is the best at giving it to her and builds this whole thing up of drinking her "medicine milk." I know I said before it didn't work with putting it in milk, but when daddy does it-voila'! She'll drink it! Anyway, she's being a champ at it and I look forward until it's all gone! I don't have recent pictures yet, but took these a couple weeks ago. Her aunties got her this really fun blow up toy for her birthday and we put it together one night. Lily had a blast in it! Unfortunately, it's a bit big for our house to be up all the time, so it's deflated right now. But in the summer, I can imagine us putting it outside for a bit too. I think she'll enjoy it even more if she has some of her little friends playing in there with her!

Doesn't this look fun?! I really wanted to get in there with her, but I think I'm a little too big!

A close-up shot of Lily peeking over the top. She doesn't look too excited, but she really was having fun.

In the center of this toy, you can put balls in the top of this thing and they roll on down to the bottom. That's AJ's hand helping her figure out how to do it.

And a random shot of my 70's girl! She found AJ's mullet wig in his closet and he put it on her. She only wore it for a minute, but just long enough for me to snap a photo of her! It just works that her outfit looks like it's from the 70's! She's too cute :)

Here's to hoping we're heading out of this sickness phase until NEXT season! I'm ready for a happy, healthy house and for WARM weather!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Outside

These pictures are a couple weeks old, but I'm just now getting to posting them! I haven't been in the blogging mood this past week, mainly because I had a really bad cold. And the free time I did have was spent napping! I'm feeling lots better today though, thank goodness! Anyway, Lily loves playing outside, even if it's freezing out! She has this bubble car on loan from the Steiner's (Thanks guys!) and she loves it. Her new thing is to "wash" her car with a rag like mommy and daddy do. She also loves to play with water of any kind. I had walked away from her to get her a rag to "wash" her car and come back to find her pretty much soaking from head to toe. I had forgotten about our dog, Charlie, and his water dish was right near where she was playing! Oh well. Needless to say, she got a bath that night!

Sitting in her car with her wash ragCharlie being a good dog and keeping guard of Lily-he is so good with her too! For which I am grateful!Showing me her smile! Looking very wet too! Don't mind her mismatched outfit, they are play clothes! :)Such a precious girl.

I am SO looking forward to warmer days! For our back door to be open and Lily just running around outside, to park play dates with friends, picnics, taking walks, etc. I'm ready for SPRING!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The time has come for Lily to transition out of her high chair and into a booster seat. It was kinda sad for me. My baby girl is growing up so fast! We really should've switched her out forever ago, considering her super duper long legs were past the foot rest. Oh well. Better late than never right?! Just a couple of shots of her hanging out in her booster chair (which is on loan to us from the Steiner's! Thanks guys! I don't know why I never bought one...)Not sitting in her booster, but stole my seat! I was grabbing something and she got up there and said "pray." Too cute. I had to take a picture-I'm a bit obsessed I think! And yes, that's our fancy china on the table. I NEVER use it so I thought, why not?! It was fun.
Such a big girl with her own plate and fork. And she goes for the salad first! This girl LOVES salad...maybe she's a vegetarian?
Nice smile full of food
And today we had a lazy morning at home so I thought I'd whip out the play-doh. She actually sat there for a long time playing with it and squeezing it between her fingers. I'm almost positive she didn't eat any of it as she's done before. Although I did leave the room a few times...hmm. It is so fun having all of us sitting at the table together. Who knew I'd like it so much? Well, until she pours her yogurt out all over the table and spreads it around and around with her hands. Awesome.
Update: Her pink eyes are almost gone! The first infected eye is basically cleared up. The second one is still pink, and it's actually a bit more pink today than yesterday. Why are we going backwards in the healing process?! Hopefully it'll continue to get better because I'm going stir crazy just hanging out at home!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You know Lily's not feeling well when....

She looks like this:

And this:

This poor girl has PINK EYE! It's her first experience with it and it is not fun. It's hard to tell in the picture, but her right eye is infected. This was taken yesterday. And this morning when she woke up it spread to her left eye. Poor girl. Of course we have to give her eye drops 4 times a day! She is so strong too that it takes both AJ and I to hold her down and get drops in her eyes. At this point I'm told she's not contagious anymore, but her eyes just look bad. She of course got this all on Friday. I had left for women's retreat at the coast (so much fun!!!) and not a second after we pulled into the hotel parking lot that AJ called and asked, "What do I do if Lily has a goopy eye?" Great. I told him to call the nurse, the nurse said to wait until Sat. and if it gets worse to bring her in. Well, it wasn't worse, but it wasn't better. He brought her in all by himself (such a good daddy!) and they prescribed drops. BUT, the doctor said not to use the drops until her eye turns pink. At that point it wasn't pink yet, and the doctor said it could just be a viral infection in her eye. So, I get home Sunday afternoon and Lily wakes from her nap and her eye is worse. We finally get the RX filled and start the drops. I really wish we would've done the drops in the first place! It might have been preventable from her getting pink eyes in the first place! Oh well, now we know. Anyway, this girl just wasn't herself yesterday. We just had a day at home and after she was crying in the above picture, I just sat on the couch with her. We stayed like that for 20 minutes in peace and quiet. She didn't talk, move, nothing. You know she's sick when she just lays still like that since she's normally a ball of energy! She ended up falling asleep on me at 11:45 am. I was able to sneak a picture of her sleeping:

A dark picture, but it's so sweet! It was wonderful having her fall asleep like that. She hasn't done that since she was an itty bitty baby! After 20 min. my arm was starting to fall asleep and I was hungry for lunch! After moving out from underneath her I was able to situate her on the couch with pillows on the floor just in case she rolled off (she never did.) She never woke up once. So I took another picture:

Oh how I love a sleeping baby! So peaceful. And she always sleeps with her legs crossed-it's the cutest thing! But she slept on that couch for 2 hours straight. And I was even banging around in the kitchen and she never woke. Of course it made for a long afternoon since she napped so early. But we made it through the day. I sure hope her eyes feel better! I'm sad I keep missing Bible study because she's sick. That girl needs some kid playtime! Here's to hoping for a fast recovery!