Sunday, March 22, 2009

Healthy! (Well, almost!)

I'm SO thankful for doctors and modern medicine! It's amazing that after one day of Lily being on some antibiotics how much different she was acting! She was a new person, happily playing and starting to get back to her normal ways. She is still hardly eating anything, but I know this won't last forever. She's been doing really well taking her medicine too. AJ is the best at giving it to her and builds this whole thing up of drinking her "medicine milk." I know I said before it didn't work with putting it in milk, but when daddy does it-voila'! She'll drink it! Anyway, she's being a champ at it and I look forward until it's all gone! I don't have recent pictures yet, but took these a couple weeks ago. Her aunties got her this really fun blow up toy for her birthday and we put it together one night. Lily had a blast in it! Unfortunately, it's a bit big for our house to be up all the time, so it's deflated right now. But in the summer, I can imagine us putting it outside for a bit too. I think she'll enjoy it even more if she has some of her little friends playing in there with her!

Doesn't this look fun?! I really wanted to get in there with her, but I think I'm a little too big!

A close-up shot of Lily peeking over the top. She doesn't look too excited, but she really was having fun.

In the center of this toy, you can put balls in the top of this thing and they roll on down to the bottom. That's AJ's hand helping her figure out how to do it.

And a random shot of my 70's girl! She found AJ's mullet wig in his closet and he put it on her. She only wore it for a minute, but just long enough for me to snap a photo of her! It just works that her outfit looks like it's from the 70's! She's too cute :)

Here's to hoping we're heading out of this sickness phase until NEXT season! I'm ready for a happy, healthy house and for WARM weather!


Amber said...

Im so happy she is starting to feel better...and I agree I am so ready for the nice weather and these bugs to go away. As of yesterday I am all congested and its annoying! Just hope Jack or Ty doesn't get it! Anyways, I am so glad she is on her way up...I bet you guys are ready to get out of the house! Oh and she needs some more balls in that cute castle! :)

Family of 5 said...

Now that looks like fun! Why didn't they have cool toys like that for us when we were younger! We can't wait to have more playdates now that she is feeling better! Yah!

Cathy said...

So glad you confessed your stalking!:) Glad to be Bloggin' Buddies with you! And yes, I am SURE we will be getting to know each other better soon (other than just through blogs). How could we not, right?:)

Your little girl is SO adorable and I love this blog template! I might have to check that site out:)