Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scattered Post

I lost my camera-or so I thought. This is my NEW camera we're talking about here, so I was very anxious to find it! I had looked all through the house and came up with nothing. I finally retreated to the garage and looked in my car. Nothing. I came back in to look some more. Nothing. Went back outside to look even deeper into my car and voila'! I found it! YAY! And it happened at just the right time too. Lily was following me all over as I was hunting for my camera and decided to come out into the garage with me. She climbed right up into the driver's seat and proceeded to press all the buttons, turn on the lights, touch everything in sight and pretend to drive. She even grabbed my keys and tried putting them into the ignition! Scary! But I took the opportunity to capture her fun with my camera: Proof she's got my keys in her little hands! She looks like she's having too much fun!
Trying so hard to put those keys in the ignition. She kept asking for "help." Uh, yah right!
As you can tell from those pictures, we've got a healthy girl on our hands again-praise God! We go tomorrow to the doctor for a quick check of her ears to make sure the infection is gone. We were very successful in getting her to take her medicine...well, mainly her daddy is the one that got her to do it! He's so good with her. AJ is almost 100% better as well. This is the longest lasting flu bug yet. I've also heard it comes back after 2 weeks-which puts us in the week of Easter, when he's the most busiest! But God knows and is in control, and really there's nothing we can do but trust Him-and wash our hands lots! I'm so glad Lily and I have yet to get the flu, and hoping it stays that way. I really do hope this was the last of the bugs, but you never know!

Cutie in her jammies

Loving on her daddy-she's definitely a daddy's girl!


Also, today is beautiful outside! A bit chilly, but the sun is shining and it makes me so happy. Again, I'm ready for WARM weather! Took a couple photos to prove we have sun:

Charlie doing a little sunbathing on the patio

And flowery trees! This is a plum tree-I think. You'd think I'd know what trees produce fruit in my backyard considering we've lived here for 6 years, but I don't. I know most of them are apple trees and those have yet to blossom. But when they do, watch out because it's so beautiful! This is proof Springtime is here!


Joe, Jess, Joy and Jenna said...

Glad to hear that you all are feeling better!

Kristi said...

Say hi to my dad! :-)

Cathy said...

glad you all are better now!

and I'm right there with you on the warm and sun thing:)