Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

My lack of blogging is due to being so stinkin' busy! I can't believe it's already been a week! I finally found some time to sit down...although I wish I was outside because it's beautiful out! Lily is napping, AJ's at church all day getting ready for the Easter program next week, so I'm just killing time while Lily sleeps. We might just go to the park after her nap!

Anyway, I think in my last post I wrote about all of our health....well, it's still on the mend, for Lily at least. She went back to the doctor last Monday to re-check her ears and wouldn't you know it that she STILL has a double ear infection! Isn't that crazy? She's been acting completely normal so it was a shock to us that she was still sick! She is on a new medication that is supposed to be stronger, so I'm hoping that helps. We go back to the doctor in a week to re-check the ears again. I'm happy to say she's been doing really well taking her meds too. Which is amazing considering we're on week 3 of it! But she's a trooper!

What a silly grin she has! I can never get her "true" smile, but I'll settle for this!

A little more like her real smile....see, she's totally feeling better!

I've also been busy because I recently started a job....watching a friend's 3 month old baby while she goes back to work. It started last Wed. and for 3 days we just did 1/2 days to start the transition. Monday is the real deal where I'll have Elle (the baby) all day long. It's gotten better each day and for that I'm thrilled. Lily LOVES her and wants to kiss her, hug her and be near her. It's the cutest thing ever. She's doing really well with it all. I know we'll have good days and bad, but it'll be fun. I'm hoping if tomorrow is nice like it's supposed to be we can all go out to the park. I'm a bit leery of going anywhere in public just because I don't "know" Elle really well yet. We'll get there though!

And this week is crazy busy with AJ having Easter rehearsals all week long. I'm REALLY excited to see the Easter program this year. They are building a huge set in our auditorium and the choir is sounding really good! The greatest part about it, (well, not the greatest, but I like it!) is some wonderful people in the church are volunteering to cook for the entire cast/crew before the rehearsals and Lily and I get to go! That means I don't have to cook for a whole week! Hooray! And it'll give Lily and I a chance to hang out with AJ at church too. With all that said, I want this week to be about Jesus....celebrating His resurrection and that He died to save me-and all of YOU- so we could spend eternity with Him! How awesome is that? So, as we go into this Easter week and weekend of family, food, and Easter egg hunts, let us remember why we're truly celebrating: because of the Risen Savior. Our church's Easter programs are this Saturday the 11th 5pm and 7 pm and Sunday the 12th at 9am and 11am. Childcare is provided. We'd love to see all or any of you there! The address is 375 Madrona Ave. S.-right behind Salem Heights Elementary. Happy Easter to you all!


Pam said...

We are looking forward to the Easter program, too! The choir was flawless today and it's a blessing to have AJ as our music leader, his love for the Lord and excitement on Sunday mornings is contagious!

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

Happy Easter to you guys too!