Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jameson is 3!!

Meant to write this on Jameson's actual birthday, but time got away from me!! Oops!
Oh Jameson, how I love my sweet, red-headed boy! He is such a joy to be with-most of the time! He is a funny boy that loves to dance, sing, play instruments, pretend to play instruments if none are around! He loves to dribble a basketball, play golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, etc. I have no idea what he'll want to do when he's older because he loves all sports!! Sadly, he isn't napping anymore, which is too bad because he needs one! We finally took the binky away at nap time and he hasn't napped since that happened. I still make him go to his room for a "rest time" by watching a movie on our little DVD player. I'm amazed he doesn't fall asleep because he seems so tired! He still has a binky at bed time, but 90% of the time he ends up spitting it out by the time AJ and I go to bed and check on him. And quite honestly, I'm too much of a softie to try and make him quit at night! Plus, since he and Lily share a room, if he screams for that binky it'll keep her up when she needs to go to school! I know, I'm making excuses! But, the binky will end at some point! :) Note to self, don't let Colby have his binky that long!

 Jameson loves to make us laugh by saying funny things. He will sometimes pretend he's an "old man" and put on his beanie, sunglasses, and tie (loosely!) Lily's belt around his neck and walk with a "cane" that's really a golf club. Where does he think of these things?!
 He is soo sweet to Colby and always calls him "baby Colby." I saw him reading books the other day and it was so adorable!
 Playing the drums on my tupperware!! With sunglasses!
 He loves to get right in Colby's face and just sit there. He won't say anything. He'll sometimes kiss him and say hi, but mostly just puts his face right next to Colby!
 Colby was not loving the bumbo so much. Might need to wait to try that again! Both boys had doctor appts. yesterday, and Jameson is in the 90% for both weight (39 lbs.)and height! Colby weighed 11.7 lbs (40%) and was 24 1/2 in. long (90%!)
 A couple days ago we had a small, little party for Jameson with a few of his buddies from church. It was spiderman themed because Jameson loves all things "piderman!"
 I made spiderman masks for all the boys. I'm definitely not a sewer by any means, but they weren't too horrible for my skill level! :) The boys loved it and that's what mattered-just don't look closely at them!
 My parents got this trampoline for their house when we had Colby for Lily and Jameson to use. Well, we kinda stole it from them for the winter and put it under our awning we have over our patio. It's so great to make the kids go out there and jump some energy out of them! It definitely came in handy for these little boys! They were too cute!
 Eating a hot dog lunch!
 Yay for new toys!!

A big 3 year old!
All the boys!
Jameson, we love you soo much! You are a joy to to be around and bring so much fun to our lives! We love you!

Monday, November 5, 2012

2 Months!

And another month has come and gone. Crazy! Here's my sweet baby boy at 2 months old!
The picture is a bit blurry, but you get the idea! He is smiling so much more nowadays, and I love it! I definitely have to work hard to get a smile sometimes, but it's worth it. A few highlights of Colby at 2 months:
*Still in 0-3 month clothes, but he sure is getting chunky! He is soo long that some of the 0-3 barely fits. He sure has his daddy's height!
*No idea what he weighs-his 2 month check is next week and I'll be sure to update (just for my own personal record!)
*Sleeping wonderfully again! After that last post about him waking up, he is back to a 7 hour stretch. So amazing! I usually put him to bed by 10pm, he wakes around 5am to eat, then we both go back to bed. I'm so thankful! Sleep is a good thing!
*We've only tried napping in the crib once-and it didn't go so well. Weird, because at night he sleeps great in there! He is just usually in the car seat sleeping (cause we are always on the go it seems!), or in the swing, or in the bouncer. I'm amazed at what he CAN sleep through because Jameson sure doesn't know how to be quiet or whisper!
*Is a great nurser!
*He is a very calm, easy going baby.
We are so thankful for this sweet boy!!!