Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lily and Me

I had a great coupon for some free pictures at Picture People, so I thought I'd take advantage and get a picture with me and Lily! There were lots of poses to choose from, but I only got to choose one! I'm very happy with how it turned out too!

I love how her hand is on my belly!! Of course, that wasn't her idea, but she was OK with putting it there! And our fun Hawaiian dresses are from my sister and sister-in-law (they recently went there). Lily did so good in the pictures and I can't wait until there are pictures with her and her baby brother!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

On This Day....

6 years ago today...

I married this stud

We have lots of fun together...

And I couldn't imagine life without him!!!

Happy 6 year Anniversary AJ! I love you so much and am so thankful God brought us together! And in His sovereign plan gave us Lily Mae and in a few short months we'll have a sweet baby boy! God is soo good!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eagle Crest

A few weeks ago we headed on over to Eagle Crest Resort to stay with the Acker's for our annual summer vacation! It's a week of fun where I don't have to cook, clean, and there are millions of babysitters for Lily! The boys played golf 3 different days while Andrea and I layed by the pool-not as often as we'd used to though! It's hard laying out when you're pregnant and it's hot outside! Here are some fun pictures of our week there:My stylish little girl!
The first night there we took a family bike ride. I was extremely nervous to ride one because a)I'm pregnant and b)I hadn't been on a bike in years! But I'm happy to say all went well and I had a ton of fun! We actually did bike rides a lot while we were there. We've been on 1 since we've been home. It's just not the same riding bikes on busy streets in Salem compared to the beautiful grounds at Eagle Crest! Oh well!
Barb bought this awesome scooter for Lily to have while we were there. Unfortunately, she didn't use it much. I think she was just a bit afraid of falling. But she's been riding it ever since we got home so it is getting some use out of it!
There are probably 4 pools (I think) here and they have this awesome kiddie pool area at one of the pools. Lily LOVED it! She was such a water baby and could stay in there all day if we let her. This pool was nice because it was big enough for her to walk around in and even float around on her tummy. She loves the water!
This face isn't the best, but she really is having fun!
My hot husband :) I loved how he would just get in and play with her so I could sit in the shade!
I love the look on their faces-especially Lily! She didn't love this water feature, but I don't blame her. The water was cold and powerful!
In mid-jump! This girl has no fear. She would just keep jumping over and over into the water. AJ caught her most of the time, but would let her go under for a second so she could practice putting her head under. He would tell her before he did this so she knew it was coming. And she would keep saying "more!"
One night AJ, me, and Andrea went for a bike ride. It was nice for AJ to pedal around without Lily sitting in a bike seat behind him! And yes, I know my belly is huge. But in my defense the shirt I'm wearing isn't maternity! :)
One day Andrea and I went along with the boys to golf while Barb so lovingly stayed behind with Lily (thank you!!). We stayed with them through hole 12. It was so much fun because I got to drive the golf cart-my first time ever! It did get hot, but thankfully there was enough shade for us.
Andrea and I
AJ practicing his putting skills.
And Jeff....
And Dan
AJ taking a swing at one of the holes
Andrea said she had to take my picture! I was taking AJ's picture and instead of trying to hold the club and my camera at the same time, I just rested the club on my stomach! Worked for me! :)
Andrea and I got to swing at one of the holes just for fun. Andrea is really good, when I on the other hand, pretty much stink!
I think this was my second attempt at trying to hit the ball. I completely missed the first time! And in my defense again, I'm left handed but had to hit right handed. (I'm pretty sure I would have missed either way!) After golfing we came back and took Lily down to the river to cool off-well, mainly the boys cooled off while Lily played a bit. It was very refreshing and just a short walk from where we were staying.
Daddy and his little girl
It was so beautiful out there!
The boys swimming around
Lily found some nice dirty, slimy water to play in. But she was happy!
Then she wanted me to hold her-I love this girl!
Then she wanted to swim with daddy! Again, this girl is fearless because that water was cold!
There was this giant rock sitting out of the water a bit, so AJ plopped Lily right on top of it-she loved it!
Enjoying some cereal before bed-and using my tummy as a shelf! I love it!

Andrea and Jeff at dinner. One night we all headed out to eat at Tumalo Feed ( I think that's what it's called!) It's this fun restaurant where you get tons of food and the atmosphere is cool too!
Dan and BarbI'm pretty sure this is the best picture I have of Lily-it's a true smile! You can tell that she's definitely a daddy's girl!And our happy family!
We had such a great time and were spoiled rotten! Thanks to the Acker's for everything!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Jam Man

I'm in love with freezer jam and I don't know how to make it. Well, now I do, but I really didn't know how to make it. AJ has made it before and we've talked about making some since we first got married! We would either miss the strawberry season, or just forget about it, or not have or make the time to make it! This year I told him we had to make it because I love it so much-and he loves it too! The only weekend we found to work happened to be on Father's Day. I asked him if he really wanted to make jam on his special day, and he said he was looking forward to it! So right after church I went to a stand and bought a flat of strawberries. I waited for AJ to get home so we could get started-remember, I don't know how to make it- but I was very eager to learn! Well, I guess I can say I know how to make it, but I wasn't actually the one who made all the jam. AJ was the controller in the kitchen! He would tell me to do something (because I asked what to do, not that he was ordering me around!) and I'd start doing it but he couldn't stand to let me do it. He would take over and say "actually, this is how you should do it." When I'm referring to "it", this means how to mash the strawberries. I was doing a fine job (reall, how hard is it to mash strawberries?!) but he wanted to do it himself! Great! I'm pregnant and didn't want to stand on my feet all day anyway :) So, my job was to take the stems off all the berries. He did ALL the rest! And he was loving it. I kept asking if he wanted help but he said he was fine. Great! So on Father's Day AJ made all this jam basically by himself:

He looks excited over all this jam!

This should last us a while!

Even though I wanted in on this jam party, I'm thrilled he wanted to make it all on his own with little help from me! But I did tell him since he knows how to make jam, from now on it's all him making it and not me! : )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog address changing!

I will be changing our blog address tonight! After tonight this address will no longer be used by me. I will post a link directing you to the new blog address. I'd still love all my readers (all 5 of you!) to follow me if you'd like! : ) I just decided that since we will be adding to our family, I can't just have Lily's name in the blog address. Anyway, check back for the link to the new one!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Balmex anyone?

Yesterday, I was making dinner. I thought AJ was with Lily. He thought Lily was with me. I started noticing that it was kinda quiet in the house (even though I was being loud in the kitchen.) Not 3 seconds after I thought that, Lily came up to me and said "help mom." Not unusual for her to say this. I look down and see she's holding a Balmex tube in her hands and wanting to take the cap off. I tell her we can't play with it. Then I focus in on her face and see this:

Yes, look closely. You will see white goo all over her face!! She is now called Casper the Friendly Ghost!

All over some pillows and if you look closely at the top diaper, you will see a big pile of goo on it! Some diapers were so badly covered that we threw them away.

And on another pillow. Luckily, it all came out and Lily had a bath at 5:30 that night! I laughed at the situation...humor is best right? I just hope she doesn't get into this and decide to put it all over her baby brother! Now that would be bad!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last San Diego Post!!

I promise this is my last S.D. post! I still can't believe I haven't finished it yet! And we went almost a month ago! So, here we go:One day we headed on over to Coronado Island-this was probably my most favorite thing! The town is so cute, there's lots to see and it's just a fun place to be. We headed to the famous Hotel Del Coronado where we walked around, got a fancy (decaf!) coffee drink, and I was spoiled with a wonderful pedicure!

This is just a side view of the ginormous hotel

Back view of the hotel from standing on the beach.

I just loved the white sand look! This wasn't like the other beaches we had visited earlier.

At this point I was sweating-can you see my shirt sleeves pushed up?! And of course AJ is still wearing a coat! Right after this picture he took it off. But the silly weather man said it was supposed to rain that day so we did not dress accordingly. Oh well!

Enjoying my coffee before my pedicure (notice my black shirt is now gone!)

Us :)

Later that night (and AJ is really enjoying this convertible!) we headed on over to Old Town for some authentic Mexican food! It was a fun place with lots of Mexican restaurants to choose from. We chose a giant one with a long line thinking that it probably had good food with the amount of people! It was a fun experience!

A view of part of the restaurant (this was taken from the table we were eating at)

And another shot of the restaurant-it was huge!
Us I secretly took this man's picture-I just loved how he was selling single stemmed roses. And some fun music to listen to. The next day we went to church and afterwards headed over to my favorite place...IN 'N OUT!!! I SO wish we had one of these in Oregon! But it's probably a good thing we don't, otherwise all I'd be eating was cheeseburgers!
Imagine a big choir singing "Hallelujah"-cause that's how I felt when we pulled in!!

As you can see, I'm thoroughly enjoying my cheeseburger, milkshake, and fries (thankyouverymuch!) Later that evening, we drove about 90 minutes to Laguna Beach to meet up with our friends! I have known Kristi and Nathan since middle school and it just so happens that these 2 high school sweethearts got married! And I was honored to be a part of their wedding. AJ knows them through me and also has fun with these guys! They actually live in Pasadena, but found Laguna Beach to be the halfway point for both of us-which is great because we had never been there!

We went to a fun place for dinner right across the street from the beach, but I'm a dork and forgot to have our waiter take our picture! Anyway, we walked over to the beach after we ate and found this group playing volleyball. We were trying to get AJ to join in on the game-he wanted to, but wasn't sure if he'd be allowed. I told him I'm sure they'd want him considering he's 6'6''!!

Kristi and I

The beautiful beach at sunset

The gang!

Nathan being a loving husband and holding Kristi's chocolate while we took pictures :)

A weird picture I know. But I was trying to catch AJ off guard and he looks like this-but I love how blue his eyes look and the colors of the sky in the background!

Trying to take a group picture-it's not looking so great-and Kristi is laughing at her husband-I don't remember what he did, but it was funny!Finally a good one-except for AJ! He was still in funny mode-oh well!AJ pretending to be a lifeguard on Baywatch-at least that's what he told me :)Love this picture taken by Kristi!

Well, that's all of the pictures! I didn't think I'd ever finish it, but I did! We had such a fabulous trip and it's one I will for sure remember!