Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Jam Man

I'm in love with freezer jam and I don't know how to make it. Well, now I do, but I really didn't know how to make it. AJ has made it before and we've talked about making some since we first got married! We would either miss the strawberry season, or just forget about it, or not have or make the time to make it! This year I told him we had to make it because I love it so much-and he loves it too! The only weekend we found to work happened to be on Father's Day. I asked him if he really wanted to make jam on his special day, and he said he was looking forward to it! So right after church I went to a stand and bought a flat of strawberries. I waited for AJ to get home so we could get started-remember, I don't know how to make it- but I was very eager to learn! Well, I guess I can say I know how to make it, but I wasn't actually the one who made all the jam. AJ was the controller in the kitchen! He would tell me to do something (because I asked what to do, not that he was ordering me around!) and I'd start doing it but he couldn't stand to let me do it. He would take over and say "actually, this is how you should do it." When I'm referring to "it", this means how to mash the strawberries. I was doing a fine job (reall, how hard is it to mash strawberries?!) but he wanted to do it himself! Great! I'm pregnant and didn't want to stand on my feet all day anyway :) So, my job was to take the stems off all the berries. He did ALL the rest! And he was loving it. I kept asking if he wanted help but he said he was fine. Great! So on Father's Day AJ made all this jam basically by himself:

He looks excited over all this jam!

This should last us a while!

Even though I wanted in on this jam party, I'm thrilled he wanted to make it all on his own with little help from me! But I did tell him since he knows how to make jam, from now on it's all him making it and not me! : )


Palmer Family said...

I'm so impressed with your hubby!! Oh and I am salivating over all of that strawberry jam!!!!!
I will be looking for brown and apple green fabric! Hopefully I can find something soon and even bring it up for you when I come to Oregon at the end of the month! :) It is a lot harder finding boy fabric!

Amber said...

Wow.....I want some!!! So how did you guys make it? And whats the difference between "freezer" jam and regular jam? Or am I just being a dork!! :)

Endless Glow by Jenn said...

I have been wanting to make it too! Except I don't have freezer space! What to do? Yours looks good!