Sunday, July 12, 2009

Balmex anyone?

Yesterday, I was making dinner. I thought AJ was with Lily. He thought Lily was with me. I started noticing that it was kinda quiet in the house (even though I was being loud in the kitchen.) Not 3 seconds after I thought that, Lily came up to me and said "help mom." Not unusual for her to say this. I look down and see she's holding a Balmex tube in her hands and wanting to take the cap off. I tell her we can't play with it. Then I focus in on her face and see this:

Yes, look closely. You will see white goo all over her face!! She is now called Casper the Friendly Ghost!

All over some pillows and if you look closely at the top diaper, you will see a big pile of goo on it! Some diapers were so badly covered that we threw them away.

And on another pillow. Luckily, it all came out and Lily had a bath at 5:30 that night! I laughed at the situation...humor is best right? I just hope she doesn't get into this and decide to put it all over her baby brother! Now that would be bad!


Palmer Family said...

oh mama what a mess!!! how did you get it out?? still such a beautiful girl under all that mess!

Family of 5 said...

Oh my GOODNESS CHILD!!! LILY you know your MOMMy is prego? SHE shouldn't have to deal with stress like that! :) LOL! Good for you Amanda for being patient and laugh about it! :)