Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last San Diego Post!!

I promise this is my last S.D. post! I still can't believe I haven't finished it yet! And we went almost a month ago! So, here we go:One day we headed on over to Coronado Island-this was probably my most favorite thing! The town is so cute, there's lots to see and it's just a fun place to be. We headed to the famous Hotel Del Coronado where we walked around, got a fancy (decaf!) coffee drink, and I was spoiled with a wonderful pedicure!

This is just a side view of the ginormous hotel

Back view of the hotel from standing on the beach.

I just loved the white sand look! This wasn't like the other beaches we had visited earlier.

At this point I was sweating-can you see my shirt sleeves pushed up?! And of course AJ is still wearing a coat! Right after this picture he took it off. But the silly weather man said it was supposed to rain that day so we did not dress accordingly. Oh well!

Enjoying my coffee before my pedicure (notice my black shirt is now gone!)

Us :)

Later that night (and AJ is really enjoying this convertible!) we headed on over to Old Town for some authentic Mexican food! It was a fun place with lots of Mexican restaurants to choose from. We chose a giant one with a long line thinking that it probably had good food with the amount of people! It was a fun experience!

A view of part of the restaurant (this was taken from the table we were eating at)

And another shot of the restaurant-it was huge!
Us I secretly took this man's picture-I just loved how he was selling single stemmed roses. And some fun music to listen to. The next day we went to church and afterwards headed over to my favorite place...IN 'N OUT!!! I SO wish we had one of these in Oregon! But it's probably a good thing we don't, otherwise all I'd be eating was cheeseburgers!
Imagine a big choir singing "Hallelujah"-cause that's how I felt when we pulled in!!

As you can see, I'm thoroughly enjoying my cheeseburger, milkshake, and fries (thankyouverymuch!) Later that evening, we drove about 90 minutes to Laguna Beach to meet up with our friends! I have known Kristi and Nathan since middle school and it just so happens that these 2 high school sweethearts got married! And I was honored to be a part of their wedding. AJ knows them through me and also has fun with these guys! They actually live in Pasadena, but found Laguna Beach to be the halfway point for both of us-which is great because we had never been there!

We went to a fun place for dinner right across the street from the beach, but I'm a dork and forgot to have our waiter take our picture! Anyway, we walked over to the beach after we ate and found this group playing volleyball. We were trying to get AJ to join in on the game-he wanted to, but wasn't sure if he'd be allowed. I told him I'm sure they'd want him considering he's 6'6''!!

Kristi and I

The beautiful beach at sunset

The gang!

Nathan being a loving husband and holding Kristi's chocolate while we took pictures :)

A weird picture I know. But I was trying to catch AJ off guard and he looks like this-but I love how blue his eyes look and the colors of the sky in the background!

Trying to take a group picture-it's not looking so great-and Kristi is laughing at her husband-I don't remember what he did, but it was funny!Finally a good one-except for AJ! He was still in funny mode-oh well!AJ pretending to be a lifeguard on Baywatch-at least that's what he told me :)Love this picture taken by Kristi!

Well, that's all of the pictures! I didn't think I'd ever finish it, but I did! We had such a fabulous trip and it's one I will for sure remember!


Katie Willard said...

Funny...I'm looking at your Laguna Beach pics and going there for lunch! We're hanging in Dana Point which is right next to it. :) Isn't it a gorgeous beach?!

Family of 5 said...

Wow those are great pics! What a relaxing time...:) How cool would that have been if you could have stayed in the Hotel Cornado? :) At least you got to have a pedi!

Kristi said...

Ummmm... just for the information. The one picture of me where I look like I am pooping my pants was NOT me laughing at my husband (thanks friend) but rather me making a funny face. If only I looked that ridiculous when I laughed... haha! Love you friend and it was fun seeing you!

Palmer Family said...

Yay!! Amanda you will technically be my second customer! My first being my mom. :)
p.s. I'm so bummed we missed you while you were down on vacation! I love everything about this post and all the places you went and I love that you got a pedicure at the Hotel Del! That last picture is a great picture of you and AJ too!

Erin said...

So much fun! I think you ate at the mexican restaurant I was remembering. Um, and you are the pedi-queen! Lucky!!! I need to hang out with you more and maybe it'll rub off onto me. Again, so glad you guys had such a good time.