Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Diego Part 2-Sea World!

I realized I never finished posting about our San Diego trip! And I better to do it now before my pregnant brain forgets everything we did! One day we went to Sea World (my parents had given us tickets in our Easter basket!) and it was tons of fun. It was really overcast that day, but it was perfect for me. Our faces, especially mine, got toasted from the sun though-and it wasn't even shining that much! But we had such a fun time walking around and seeing all that was there. We took in 3 shows, AJ rode a roller coaster, had some yummy treats, and just relaxed! Right as you enter the park, there is a sea lion area where these seals just hang out. You could actually buy sardines (not sure if they were sardines, but it looked like it!) and throw them to the sea lions. And the sea lions would bark and yell so loudly when they saw people had food for them! It was hilarious!

There was a girl right next to me and she had bought sardines for these sea lions. This seal wanted them so badly that he is leaning against that window! If I wanted to, I could have easily stuck my arm out there and touched him! No way I ever would though!These little birds were just hanging out with the sea lions-I thought they were pretty so I took it's picture :) Then we saw a super cheesy sea lion show:

It was called "Sea Lion Live" (like Saturday Night Live...yes, it was lame). But I will admit the seals did some pretty cool tricks.
A pretty cool trickAnd a GIANT PINK SEAL!! This thing was HUGE! And kinda freaky looking!SharkManatees! Then AJ and I went on this little ride-kinda like a chair lift if you're going skiing, but it was enclosed all around us. It just went over the bay and back again. And it was quite scary. I'm a bit leery of heights and it was windy at the time we were on this thing and it was cold! And we were really high over water! We were both glad when it was done! Next, we went to the Shamu show. Again, kinda cheesy, but better than the sea lion one!
Shamu! These whales are ginormous!Surfing ON Shamu-no thank you!Gotta love our squinty, little eyes! Even though it wasn't sunny, it sure was bright!

Dolphins! My dream is to one day swim and/or ride these guys. Maybe when we win the lottery and can go to Hawaii or the Bahamas and swim with them there! :)

I was trying to touch/pet the dolphins! The workers said we could, but sadly, they never came up to me! Maybe next time!

Loving my churro! Ok, here's a story (and I know some have already heard it, but I'm telling it again!) I'm standing in line for my churro and hand it to AJ so I can get money out to pay for it. After I'm done, I turn around and see AJ turn around as well to walk away. As he takes one step forward a seagull comes out of nowhere and takes the churro right out of his hand and only leaves the little paper that it was wrapped in!! The seagull flies a few yards away and lands and starts walking with this super long churro in its mouth. What does AJ do? Starts to run after the seagull to grab it!! I'm just shocked at this point-and really quite sad. I really wanted that churro and I had just wasted $3 for it! Well, as AJ's starting to run after this seagull, 2 Sea World workers happen to be walking by and say "don't worry, they'll give you another one." I'm thinking good thing and AJ's thinking he'll just grab the churro from the seagull, tear off the piece that was in it's mouth and give the rest to me!!! No thank you! The workers did go and follow the sea gull and grabbed the churro from his mouth and tossed it. Then we see the sea gull fly away and land on top of the churro stand waiting to pounce on it's next victim! They should warn people to hold their churros tightly because it seems this sea gull knows exactly where to be and what to do at the right time! It was really funny though-people all around were laughing. I was just happy to be eating my churro! :)

The sweet roller coaster AJ went on! I wanted to go on it so badly because I love going on rides! But, it's a big no-no for pregnant women. Instead I just watched everyone else and waited to take pictures, all the while eating my churro! Here's AJ's car at the start of the hill...

And it's going down...(by the way, he's in the very front with his hands out in the air)

And after it's all done! He was SOAKED! And I guess this was just the first drop, there was another one that was worse! He was wet the rest of the day!

And here's my super burned face-it hurt bad! All in all, it was a really fun day at Sea World! I realize this whole post is about Sea World and I've still got more pictures to share! But, I'm tired of blogging so I will do another post later :) Stay tuned!

*By the way, since we are adding to our family, I can't have this blog address just be Lily's name! So in 1 week I am changing this blog address and I will let you know what it is!


Kyle Kivett said...

Aj looks like a giant in the front of that boat. Funny. Love the churro story!
oh and I'm signed in as Kyle, but it's Wendy

pfnisterfam said...

Looks like SO much fun! I've never been to Seaworld, but want to go badly...more because the rides look so fun! Swimming w/ the dolphins was always something I wanted to do, and we went when we were on our cruise a few years ago, and it was really fun! Sadly though, we couldn't ride on them.
:( Hope you get to go sometime!