Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool fun

Since it's been so warm out lately, Lily's been in her little kiddie pool lots! She loves splashing around in there, getting in and out of it over and over, and even going down her slide into the water! Today, it wasn't even very hot outside and she was wanting to go in her pool so badly. I couldn't let her-I'm a mean mom! But she had fun playing outside anyway. Hopefully warmer days can come so she can take advantage of her pool!Ready to go down her slide!
Going down...
And she's in!
And wanting to go backwards this time! I love her little bum :)
By the way, this was happening the day of our big thunder/lightening storm! We were out because it was nice and sunny and not 10 minutes later it started to get really windy. Like, eerily windy and super dark. I told Lily I was sorry but we needed to go inside. Good thing, because 10 minutes after that the storm was here! Crazy weather!
And I won't be blogging for a bit because AJ and I are headed to San Diego for a little get-a-way for just the 2 of us!!! YIPEE! I'm so excited and can't wait to have 5 days alone with my husband. We'll head to Sea World one day and hang out the rest of the time. Unfortunately, the high is supposed to only be 68 degrees. I was hoping for warmer. :( But, the forecast calls for no rain! I'll take what I can get!


pfnisterfam said...

Fun times in the pool! Hannah has the same suit as Lily. :) Hope you have a great getaway just the 2 of you!!
P.S. No Cami and Hannah's outfits weren't planned for her party...I had bought the dress for Cami, but we never talked about wearing them that day on the girls. :)