Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Day

Last weekend, our church was putting on a beach day in Pacific City so our little family decided it'd be fun to go. It was on Saturday and it was beautiful weather! It was definitely windy, but clear, blue skies. Lily had a blast! The "beach day" didn't start until 12 so I was a bit worried about Lily knowing she'd be missing a nap completely. But she played hard and had fun. She loved playing in the sand and really wanted to play in the ocean the entire time! That water was sooo cold though! As I was coming out to her and AJ to take some pictures, she was running to me and tripped and face planted in the sand/water. It freaked her out for a second and luckily AJ was right behind her to pick her up! After that we said she needed to take a break and play in the sand only since her skin was turning purple from being so cold! She was cold for a while and just wanted to sit in my lap. Luckily, after about 30 minutes she was ready to dig in the sand and play with the other kids. Of course she went in the ocean again with AJ, but they stayed in the more shallow part this time!The beautiful Oregon coast!As soon as we got there, she headed for a spot on the sand and started playing.This was right after she face planted. Notice her face isn't the happiest-poor girl!Trying to warm her up after her fall!AJ getting ready to serve-he's in the upper left hand corner. People wanted him on their team cause he's tall! : )She finally warmed up and was wanting to dig a hole....So she could sit in it!Lily playing with the boys-already!!AJ being the best daddy and playing with her...I just wanted to sit in a chair and relax!Then a crazy group of kids and a 2 adults decided to boogie board. They were crazy but they had a lot of fun!My great friend Anna and I hanging out!

Not the best picture of us, but you get the idea :)

Our "water Lily"!

We had a great time even if it was only for an afternoon. Lily did crash on the way home-but only for 30 minutes! Once we got home and took her out of her car seat, we realized she went pee in her pants! She must've done this while sleeping which is why she woke up after only a half hour. Other than that one accident she's been doing great with potty training!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


First off, I know I'm a lazy blogger! Haven't found the time to do this in a while :) But, here we go! A few weeks ago, AJ's brother, his wife, and their little girl came to town for a week from Texas! Their little girl, Kate, turns 1 this next week and this was the first time AJ and I had seen her! She was so fun to be around and see her little personality! Lily did very well with her which amazed me. I was so worried since Lily's been in this awesome stage of hitting kids (really, it's not awesome.) But, she did well. There were a few times she took toys from Kate, but once she was told to share she did pretty good! We had a great time with Aaron and Kara and loved having them here to visit and just hang out with. Auntie Kara and Uncle Aaron with Lily-Lily really took to them, especially Kara and always wanted Kara to hold her! It was pretty cute!AJ and his brother with Kate.The cousins! Not the greatest picture of Lily, but you get the idea!

Kara, Aaron and Kate-what a great family picture of them!

Lily kissing on Kate-she loved giving Kate kisses and hugs!

I love this picture-except for Lily's cheesy smile. But I still love it!

Sweet Kate-or baby Kate as Lily would call her. She isn't quite walking on her own but is great cruising around furniture.

Me and Kate...she's not too sure about me :)
We had sooo much fun with them here and I wish we lived closer to them!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Belly is Growing!

Well, I'm officially at the point in my pregnancy when people start to question my due date. They'll ask when I'm due, I say November, they say "really? It's not sooner because you are so big!" Seriously people. That is not something you say to a pregnant woman!! But, I just gotta roll with it right? It happened when I was pregnant with Lily too. I just get big and I think I make big babies. Even though Lily was 3 1/2 weeks early, she still weighed 7 lbs! Just think what she would've been had I gone to term with her! I'm also at the point where it hurts to bend over to do anything-whether it's putting on my shoes, putting on Lily's shoes, picking up toys, etc. And I can't see my feet when I stand up straight and look down. I've been having braxton-hicks contractions like crazy. I was freaked out at first, but my doctor said it's completely normal to be feeling them this early, especially since it's my second pregnancy. And sleeping is hard already! It's too soon for this! I toss and turn all night and by morning my back is killing me. But, the best part about being pregnant is feeling this boy move! I'm not sure if it's just him or if all boys are like this, but he is so active. Way more active than Lily was. It's non-stop movement from him. Whether I'm just sitting around, or eating, driving in my car, and even sleeping, he is moving! I do love it! And with all of these things I'm still SO THANKFUL to be pregnant and I can't wait to meet our son!

Me and baby boy at 20 weeks-actually, I think this was taken at 21 weeks because we forgot to take a picture the week before!

And at 24 weeks-this was taken last week! Ok, do you see how HUGE I am in just 3 weeks time?!! Crazy. This is gonna be a big boy.....and that makes me kinda scared! But God's in control! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing Up

My baby girl is growing up so fast! She looks and acts so old right now, and I know as soon as this little boy enters our lives, she'll look even bigger to me! She has officially been in her big girl bed for about 2 months now. She's doing so well and we've had no problems-yet! She waits for us to get her out of bed in the mornings and if she is crying at night for some reason, she doesn't get out of bed-she just calls for us! I'm SO thankful that this adjustment went so well! We recently moved her over into her new room (which means her old room will be for the baby) and painted and decorated. It's such a little girl's room! I love it, but it kinda makes me sad because she's growing up! Here's some pictures of her new room:The view from outside the door-I love how pink and girly it is!My $20 craigslist dresser! I love how it turned out! Unfortunately, I bought it from a smoker not even realizing how that makes the wood smell! We tried all sorts of things and it isn't that bad now thankfully. But I'm looking into getting either scented liners for the drawers or potpourri bags because I can still smell it on her clothes. AJ says he can't, and maybe I only can because of my heightened sense of smell! But I gotta fix it!
The other way in which Lily is growing up is she's POTTY TRAINED!!! Well mostly. I was going to post a picture of her in her cute panties, but I decided not to considering I don't know what kind of people out there could come across my blog! But it was cute-take my word for it :) She's been doing so awesome at going on the potty. It's been going for almost 2 weeks now. My mother-in-law had given me some panties she bought for Lily and one day I decided to just put them on her. We were home and not going anywhere, so why not try! That day she had 3 accidents-2 pee and 1 poo. Gross. But, she was successful on the potty. We give her a "pee-pee bean" when she goes (it's either 2 M&Ms or 1 Junior Mint, depending on what I have on hand!) and praise her a ton! We started on a Thursday and the very next day we went to the mall to get our pictures done (the one from the previous post) and I had put her in a diaper. As we're waiting for our pictures to be printed she tells me that she has to go potty. I think "yah, right." But off we go to the public bathroom to try. Well, I set her on the toilet and she totally went!! I was amazed! Of course I hadn't brought any pee-pee beans not even thinking she'd go in public-and on the 2nd day too! Luckily, there was a vending machine right outside the bathrooms. So after paying $1 for some M&Ms, we had our traveling pee-pee beans on hand! And it's been great since. We put her in diapers at nap time and bed time, but I'm noticing that she's staying dry during those times! I'm still a bit leery of putting her in panties overnight, but I know we'll get there. The only problem with potty training is the dreaded #2. She's gone two times on the potty, but that's it. All the other times she's timed it just right in her diaper! But that's better than having a mess in her panties. She just gets scared and I have no idea why. I've tried bribing her with treats and everything. The other night she went because I said she could have ice cream and we took books in there. It actually worked. Tonight she kept saying she had to go but would only sit on the potty for a second. She didn't want to read books or anything. I finally just put her to bed (because it was time anyway!) and I know she'll probably go in her diaper. Hopefully she'll get over her fear though! I am so proud of how quickly she trained and she's proving to be such a big girl! Sorry for so much talk about the potty-it's just very exciting for AJ and me! It's funny what excites us as parents!