Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Baby!!

It's been officially 1 week and 1 day since we have had our sweet baby!!!
 We're both a little sleepy here! We had to be at the hospital last Monday at 5:30 am! Ouch! But, I couldn't sleep anyway so I was fine with it!
 My beautiful head piece!
 Colby Jacob Acker!!!!! With dark hair too! How fun would it be if it stayed that color then all of our kids would have different colored hair! But, I think it'll turn blonde. Lily was born with dark hair like Colby's and once it fell out it came back in blonde. We'll see!

 Seeing my boy for the first time. Instantly in love!

 7 lb. 9 oz. and 22 in. long-the same length Jameson was when he was born, but a whopping 2 lbs lighter!! We honestly thought Colby would be an 8 or 9 lb baby. I was shocked when he came out! Even the surgeon assisting my Dr. during my c-section said, "There's no way there is a 9 lb baby in your stomach." And this was just by looking at the size of my stomach before they did the surgery! Crazy!

Our family!!! 
Nana and Grandma with Colby
Big sister Lily loving her new brother!
Proud parents! And yes, that's a barf bag by my feet! The aftermath of it all, or maybe it was just from my spinal, but whatever "it" was made me super nauseous! No fun. I would feel fine one minute and then have the urge to puke the next minute. Thankfully, I never did. Once I got to my room I truly felt sick again. Andrea was with me, AJ was napping, and I was nursing Colby and dry heaving into that blue thing! Kinda ouchy when I just had surgery on my stomach and had to use my stomach muscles! The nurse gave me some meds and I felt much better. But after that episode, I never felt sick again!
Auntie Andrea
Auntie Leandra
 Colby's first bath
 Sisters together with our boys!
 Daddy loving on Colby
 AJ and his kids!!
 Papa holding Colby
 My sweet boy!

 Going home!!!
All set in his new car seat!
We are doing really well at home. Thankfully, AJ has been working part-time this week to help me out with the kids. 3 kids is definitely a challenge! The baby is the easy part, it's Lily and Jameson who are hard! They have been in this nagging/fighting stage lately and it's driving me bonkers. I'm trying to decide if it's because we just got home with a new baby or if it's their age or both! We're dealing with it one day at a time. Colby is a great eater and sleeper! He lost a bit of weight when we left the hospital, but this last Monday he had a weight check at the Dr. and he is back up to his birth weight! We have had quite a few successful nights of him sleeping too! If I can get him to bed by 10:30 or 11 pm he is only waking up once in the night to eat. I can handle that! I'm healing pretty good from the c-section, but still dependent on my meds. I only have a few pills left so hopefully when that's gone I'll be feeling great. I definitely just need to not do a whole lot, otherwise I start feeling icky. Anyway, that's all for now! I've taken LOTS more pictures and will post more when I have more time. Right now Colby needs to eat! Thank you for the prayers and encouragement over our sweet addition to our family. We are praising God for Colby's safe delivery and that he is healthy!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby (Almost!!) Time!!!

Oh my, in 2 days our baby will be born!!! I can't believe it! Here are some pictures of his finished room!

 No painting required for this room! All we did was change out the border from when Jameson slept here (It was dark brown before). I added blue into the room instead of just brown and green. And of course added a few new things like a new dresser (we got for $5 and just spray painted and added new knobs!) new lamp, new rug, new sheet, and new changing pad cover. And I have crafty friends and family that made fun handmade decor that were personalized for our little guy! Love it all!
 Random end of summer pictures that have nothing to do with the baby, but I wanted to post them to show off my cute kids :) We went to the park one night and the kids rode bikes. This was Jameson's first time riding a bike (besides just on our back patio) and he did amazing! He was a pro and went super fast too! Thanks to some friends that gave this bike to Jameson because their boys outgrew it! Sweet!
 And they're off!
 Lily trying to master the monkey bars.
 Jameson loves to climb!
Can't believe I'm posting this terrible picture, BUT I want to document what I look like at 39 weeks and 1 day. Pretty scary huh?! Oh my poor face. Can't wait for that puffiness to go away!!!  In just 2 short days, we will be in the hospital and ready to meet our little guy. I'm SO ready! Not just because I'm uncomfortable, because I'm not feeling that horrible thankfully! I'm just SO excited to see this baby that God has formed and created. I want to know if he has hair, what color will it be? Red like Jameson or blond like Lily or will he come out with dark hair?! The only "symptom" bothering me right now is swelling in my feet. It's actually just in my left foot/leg which is weird. To keep it from looking like an elephant's foot I have to keep my feet up. Kinda hard to do when I have 2 kids and am in nesting mode and want to get things done and cleaned! But, again, only 2 more days. I can do it!!! I'm SO thankful for this blessing God has given us. What a road it's been from a miscarriage right before this pregnancy, to being pregnant with twins, to one of them not making it early on, to this BOY growing in me! God is so good and loving and gracious. I'm so thankful. Please pray with us for a safe delivery, for a healthy boy, for a quick recovery, and for our other two amazing kids and that the transition would be smooth with adding a new brother! Lily is super excited, but I'm 99% sure Jameson has no idea that his world is about to turn upside down!