Sunday, May 22, 2011

Road Trip!

Well, I didn't do as bad as last time with going 3 weeks without any new posts! But, 2 weeks isn't that great either. Oh well! Take what you can get right?! :)
Last weekend my little family headed on over to Redmond for 2 nights away! It was so wonderful as well as a much needed break from the "norm" here! A friend from church let us stay in their house. It was perfect for us! It was a relaxing weekend of doing whatever we wanted!

On the road again....
We time our trips so we'll be on the road at nap time!
Stopped in Sisters for a break to play at a park!

While in Redmond, we:

Had fun playing with each other, even if it was just sitting on high stools and watching Lily color!

Took much needed rests

Played with the camera

Channeled our inner Tarzan (check out Lily's face in the background!)

Went down slides as fast as we could

Took walks as a family while enjoying God's creation

Marveled at the view from the back patio that God allowed us to see!!
Used every opportunity we had to cuddle with our sweet kids
Enjoying snacks while someone LOVED sitting at the table and not in a high chair
Got to spend about 45 minutes swimming at a pool-which they ALL loved!
Tried to tan our pasty skin (Don't let the lady in the background fool you with her coat on! It wasn't that cold out!)
Played ring-around-the-rosie on the deck as the sun was shining
Enjoyed one last view before heading home....

It was a great getaway with just our little family and some fun memories were made! We also enjoyed an afternoon shopping (mainly sightseeing!) around Sisters and enjoying a yummy lunch there too! The weather was perfect! So thankful we got to get away!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where has the time gone?!

Geesh, has it really been 3 weeks since I last blogged?! My bad. And the reason for my absence? P.U.R.E. laziness! Yup, I'd much rather lay on my couch watching TV after the kids go to bed, than sit at the computer and blog! Sorry about that :)

Anyway, Easter has come and gone!! We had a great week being a part of the Easter production at church. I had tons of fun, but was sure exhausted by the end of the week!! The Monday after Easter I pretty much stayed in my sweats and just layed around. I was tired! But, thankfully all is well and I'm feeling back to normal :) The Saturday before Easter our church had its annual Easter Egg Hunt. I heard that this year they put out 11,000 eggs!! Insane!! And the weather was so nice! 70 degrees and just plain beautiful! I was hot in my long sleeved shirt! The kids were in different sections for the hunt (they rope off sections for all of the different age groups). AJ videotaped Lily's hunt while I took pictures for Jameson's hunt! Then I quickly ran over to look at Lily and then back to Jameson. Crazy-but fun!

Silly boy! His face looks weird and a little bit freaky. I think the sun was a little bright for him! But he's still cute!

Love these girls! And Lily is of course wearing her favorite Hello Kitty shirt and her friend Abigail just happened to be wearing it on the same day! SO fun. And then Z0e in the middle breaks up the matchiness (is that even a word?!)
Lily is on the hunt! She got lots of candy!
Jameson kept pointing at the eggs and saying, "Ball!!!!" He was very excited. He would walk over to an egg, pick it up, examine it, and put it in his basket. Then he'd take the same egg out and put it back in and over and over. I was coaching him and practically picking the eggs to put in his hands. He got the hang of it though!
See? Examining his egg. He did figure out how to open the eggs, but didn't do much with the candy. At one point he'd take the candy out of the egg, then put it back in, and over and over again. The little girl in the background is Katie, Abigail's sister (the one who was wearing the same shirt as Lily.) These little 1-2 year olds were so cute as they hunted for eggs!
My sweet kids! Gotta love hand me down dresses that Lily can wear for holidays. She loves frilly dresses right now and twirling in them. Not the best picture-should've taken them outside!!
Holding hands and liking each other for the moment!

And, 3 days after Easter was my 28th birthday. I'm finally catching up to AJ-hardly! :) It was a great birthday and I felt SO loved by my family and friends!! I was completely spoiled with cake, a girls night out eating more dessert and a birthday party with my family. SO fun! Thanks everyone! Here is a birthday sign Lily made for me. I think it's because she's used to seeing banners around the house when it's her birthday or Jameson's birthday, so she thought I needed one for my birthday. If you look closely, you can see a rainbow and she wrote 28. Well, I wrote the 2-she tried-but she wrote the 8! Love her sweet heart!

And that's all that's happening at the Acker household. I'll try to update more often!