Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lily’s First Day of School (4 months late!)


I still can’t believe I’m just now posting these pictures! I finally got the camera card from my mom so I can blog about my sweet Lily Mae’s first day of Kindergarten! Well, as you know, I was in the hospital having Colby when Lily had her first day of school. Once I realized this would be the case, I was crushed! How could I miss my baby girl’s very first day of school?!! But, there was nothing we could do. My parents watched the kids and were Lily’s “parents” for the week! They took her to school and picked her up. We were so thankful to not have to worry about those details-my parents handled it all. Thankfully, since Colby was born the day before Lily’s first day, AJ was able to meet Lily and my mom at her school so he could be with her on her first day. I had strict instructions for my mom to come to my house (even though Lily and Jameson were staying at their house!) and take pictures with this chalkboard. I had visions people! I’m very thankful my mom went along with my crazy plans :)

How cute is this girl?!!!! She’s so grown up.





In front of her classroom.


Proof that she really is a student there!


Putting her back pack in her cubby.


Oh this picture just melts my heart. When my mom showed it to me (she printed off these pictures to show me in the hospital-how sweet is that?!) I got teary eyed. I so wanted to be there, but was thankful AJ was there!! She sure loves her daddy!


Showing her teacher pictures of her new baby brother. My mom had also printed off 2 pictures of Colby for Lily to show on her first day of school. Love it!


And finally, at home together at last! I love this picture. It truly shows how much Lily LOVES being a big sister! (and how tiny Colby was!) She’s so helpful with Colby and always wants to hold him, play with him, pick out his clothes, and kiss his face.

Now, 4 months later, Lily loves school and is learning a TON! It’s SO fun to hear her actually reading books. She is very smart, which I kind of already knew, but it definitely shows with her school work! She is super quick in learning new things and loves to show me pictures she has drawn in school. We love our Lily Mae!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colby is 4 months!!

Well, he’s 4 months and a week :) Wanted to wait to post since he had his 4 month doctor appointment yesterday. He is sure built like his daddy! I was looking at old posts from when Jameson was 4 months and he weighed 17 lbs! Pretty big if you ask me. Colby weighed 14.4 lbs (30%) and was 27 1/4 in. long (Jameson was 27.5 inches!) TALL boy! He is off the charts for his length. Again, he is built like his daddy!


Such a happy boy!


Whenever Jameson sees me taking pictures of Colby, he always has to be in them! But, I do love that Jameson loves being around his brother.


See? Happy boy! Thank the Lord!


Again, Jameson getting in on the picture taking action!


Colby HATES tummy time. He will tolerate it for about 5 minutes. He actually was ok on the boppy here, but just rested his head on the pillow.

Just some fun facts so I can remember this age:
*Still in 3-6 month clothes. Although, I’m finding a lot of the clothes he’s wearing that Jameson wore are too short on him! Thankfully, Colby got new clothes for Christmas!

*He is such an easy, laid back baby. God knew I needed one of those with my other 2 kids! He goes with the flow and rarely cries super hard.

*Sleeps great still! We had a few weeks where he would wake up twice a night. Then he got it back on track but was waking at 3 am-a bit early for me. But the past few nights he’s lasted until 5am and then we both go back to bed after I feed him. So much better!

*He loves to nap during the day. I am trying to keep him awake for at least 90 minutes from the start of when I feed him before he takes a nap. This is a little difficult, but I think it’s helping with him being able to sleep so long at night.

*He smiles at Lily and Jameson all the time. He loves watching them! Actually, he smiles at anyone right now! I love this stage :)

A trip down memory lane…Jameson at 4 months:


Such a chubby boy! But, I see so much similarity between he and Colby!


One of my all time favorite pictures! Again, looks like Colby-just a chubbier version :)


Similar to Colby, but way more red hair!!! I love comparing pictures of the boys!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up!


Oh, where do I begin? SO much has happened in the last couple of months! AJ’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. Pretty sure this will be a ton of pictures that only family will enjoy looking at!!


Jameson got a new chainsaw for his birthday (amongst other things!) This was a part of the joint birthday party with AJ since their birthdays are only a week apart!



Both boys got light sabers so now they can fight each other!


My attempt at Spiderman cupcakes :)


Christmas tree hunting! It was raining if you can’t tell.


Colby turned 3 months Dec. 10th! I think he weighed around 12.6 lbs.


My idea, I admit! He fit quite nicely in there!


Lily loved pushing around a real baby!! It lasted all of 2 minutes.


Love this boy!!!



All dressed up for the kids’ Pee Wee choir for church! This girl is growing up way too fast!


She’s sassy!


Seems she is the only one doing the hand motions at the moment.



Christmas Eve morning!





She loved her new jeans


He loved his new harmonica (Daddy’s idea! It was a good one!)


He loved being held!


Cousins and their first Christmas Eve together at the Uram household! A fun day to start off the Christmas festivities. Lots of food, folks, and fun!


Yay for MORE presents! These kids are spoiled :)


We told Jameson he could grab a cookie, and he comes back with the entire container of them!! He was very nice in asking all of us if we wanted one!



Lily loves her Uncle Joel and Auntie Katie


I love him.


Christmas day at the Acker’s and I only took 2 pictures?!!! So sad. It was a super fun day though with lots of gifts and fun with family! The kids got this super cute piano with microphone. We’ve got our own little band in our house!


My sweet nephew Colton! He didn’t want his picture taken!


And sweet Colby under the tree!

Phew, that’s all for now!

Monday, January 7, 2013

This is a test

I am trying this out to see if I can post pictures on my blog without having to make a new one. 614374_4651216957587_370479088_o (1)  First of all, I am a terrible mother! I cannot believe I haven’t blogged about Lily and her first year in school!!! The main reason is that my mom took pictures of Lily’s first day, and I have yet to get those pictures onto my computer. This picture of Lily was taken with AJ’s phone so I at least have that. Anyway, this is my baby girl on her first day of Kindergarten!!! If this “test” works I will come back with more pictures and write more about my Lily!