Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet my new Friend...

This is Elle....

Isn't she cute?!
She's my new "job"-if that's what you want to call it! We have fun playing together and Lily's got a new playmate too! This is my second full week with her and we're getting the hang of things! I think she's getting used to me now which is great :) This is my new Moby wrap and it's the greatest. I didn't hear about these when Lily was a baby so I swore that I'd get one with the next one. Well, that just happened to be Elle! :) She doesn't love it, but I'm trying to get her used to it. It's nice to put her in there and have my hands free! Thanks to Anna for making it for me!

And this is my sweet Lily in her Easter dress! Of course I totally forgot to take pictures of the whole family together-awesome. And then I remembered just as she was taking off her cute sweater and shoes. But you get the idea! This dress was actually given to me at one of her baby showers! So fun to have a new dress in her closet that I didn't have to buy!

Seriously, I tell her to smile and this is what I get! Oh well :) Happy Easter everyone!


Family of 5 said...

Oh Elle, she is getting so big! :) Looks like her daddy! tHats for sure! Glad things are going smoothly! I've been praying for you daily friend!

And so adorable is Lily Mae in her Easter dress! :) WIsh I could have been there to see her in it! Oh well!

Wendy said...

I love that top pick of Lily, not that the smile in the bottom pick isn't beautiful :) I'm glad you are settling in with the new little one. Great practice for Lily.

Cathy said...

Lily is soooo stinkin' adorable!

can you shoot me an email so I have yours in my inbox?? Want to talk about getting together:)
billycathy2b1g at comcast dot net

Palmer Family said...

Oh she is cute! Of course so is Lily! Love seeing you sport the moby! You will be a pro at wrapping it by the time you have another little one to use it on! How cool that your friend made it too!