Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Months!

I can't believe we're over the halfway mark until Jameson turns 1!!! Crazy! He is still as sweet as ever and we are loving him more and more each day. Lily is also loving on him lots and rarely hits him on purpose anymore! Big difference from when he first entered her world! She loves to make him smile while they're riding in the car together and she loves giving him kisses too. One day I'll have her help me feed him food....I'm just a bit worried she'll shove the spoon way into his mouth!

*Jameson is wearing 12 month clothes (and has been since he was 6 months!)

*Eating cereal and orange veggies. Tried green beans 2 times and he hated them. I'll try them again later along with other green veggies. I'm also making my own baby food! I never did with Lily so I thought I'd try with the boy. I will say I've never bought nor cooked a squash before, but now I'm a pro at it! It's actually quite fun for me to make his food-I feel all domestic-y. :)

*Sleeps wonderfully. Lately, I've been putting him down around 9:30 and he'll sleep until 6 or 6:30, I'll feed him, then put him back down until 9! Awesome!
*Loves to giggle at us all

*Can sit up on his own! We still put the boppy behind him just in case he falls backward, but it's definitely a whole new world for him which he loves!
*He finally rolled over on his own from his back to tummy. He doesn't do it often, but he can do it!
*Still doesn't love being on his tummy for play time. And he always spits up when he's on his stomach! I'm sure he'll be a late crawler like Lily was (She didn't crawl until 11 months and started walking at 15 months!!!!)

*Is officially out of his infant carrier because he's too long for it! It makes it a bit hard for when he still falls asleep in the car because his poor little head just droops down and he looks so uncomfortable!

*Is truly a happy baby all the time (unless he's hungry or tired!)

Smiling for the moment while on his tummy!

Getting some sweet kisses from sister

He's working hard to get those toes into his mouth!! Can he make it over his big belly?!

And he can!!!! He LOVES sucking on his toes-it cracks me up!

Sitting up like such a big boy!

First bath in the sink! I can't believe I never did this with Lily when it's so easy to do! Plus, it's easy on my back! And check out all those rolls!!

Such sweet kids!!! This was before church last week.

And a close-up. We're so blessed!!!


Erin said...

ok, I think Jameson looks just like your dad - I don't know if that's already been established or not. And I love how modest he's being for his bath picture! :)

Erin said...
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Family of 5 said...

He's the sweetest lil guys I know! I loved being able to watch him last week for one evening! He is the most laid back easy going lil guy! Please don't change lil
J-man! :)