Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leandra and Kevin's Wedding

My sister got married on June 12th and I'm just now putting pictures on here! My bad ;) It definitely took us all some time to recoup after a busy, fun wedding weekend! The day was beautiful with the sun shining bright. Leandra was GORGEOUS and I loved being a part of their day. I cried too much, but I guess that was going to happen considering it was my sister getting married :) Our fun bridesmaid bags that were full of fun gifts from Leandra!Waiting to put her gown on...Ta Da!!Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!!
Me and my Lily Mae being quite silly! A much nicer picture! This girl was quite the ham when it was time for her to be the flower girl. She started off great, and once she realized everyone was looking at her and "oohing" and "aahing" she quickly turned from the sweet girl to a goofy one! She dumped the remaining flowers right where she was standing (she was only halfway into the auditorium!) and dropped her basket on the floor and RAN to the stage where we were all at. OH MY! I wanted to die. She stood on the stage for maybe 4 minutes and decided to walk off and sit with daddy in the audience-which we figured would happen at some point, but just not right away! Oh well, I guess it's expected from a 3 year old right?!Family photoSigning the marriage license
Jameson hanging out with his GrandpaSisters!! And nothing like a graham cracker and sparkling cider to eat right before you walk down the aisle :) At the reception and just chillin'Father/daughter dance-so sweet!
Mr. and Mrs.! Aren't they so cute together?!!!! Getting ready to say my toast and feeling so nervous!Toasting away...and I cried WAY too much during it! Oh well :) Cutting the beautiful cake!
She was nice while feeding him cake. He pretended to be mean, but played nicely in the end!Our awesome line dance instructor, Francel!Line dancing! It was SO fun! Yup, that's my brother groovin' to some country!

My dad and his grandson! Getting some sweet kisses from his beautiful Auntie!

I didn't get nearly enough pictures that I wanted, but I was a bit busy fulfilling my matron of honor roll and taking care of my kids! :) We had such a fun day and I really want to do it all over again because it was great! Lily also keeps trying on dresses and asks if she can wear them to Auntie Leandra's wedding! Leandra and Kevin are STILL on their honeymoon (2 whole weeks!) and get back this weekend. I can't wait to see them! Congratulations you two!!


Family of 5 said...

It was such a BEAUTIFUL wedding! And you ladies were all soo lovely! :) And when you cried up on stage and while giving the toast, um, you got me all teary eyed and choked up too! :) You two have such a great sister relationship! Leandra was gorgeous bride too!