Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Made a visit to AJ's Grandma's place. She is 95 years old! How fun for Lily to have 2 great grandma's!
Jameson and Grandma Jean.

Made a stop at Burger King on our way to see Grandma. It was fun to sit as a family considering this was the first time Jameson was in a high chair and not sleeping in his baby carrier (which he's been out of for a while now!)

Lily and "Big Baby." Found her like this one sunny afternoon! Took her doll outside on the patio and Lily tells me they were napping! She hasn't quite figured out how to name things yet either. She also has 2 blankets she loves. One is small-"little blankie", and the other one is large- "big blankie."
Why not get all dressed up for bed time?!
Cheesy smile on Lily's part...but at least I can prove she does in fact brush her teeth!
Not sure why I have such a ginormous smile, but I was trying out the front pack with J-man. His thighs are almost too big for it!!


paulashley said...

Those kids are such cuties! Your pics always make me excited to have one of each around :)

Family of 5 said...

OH he can't be that old to sit in a highchair can he? That's growing up way too fast! :) Such cutie patooties you have ! :)ANd I love the pic of you and J at the end! :) You have great smile!