Thursday, February 2, 2012


First of all, I'm a terrible blogger! I've just haven't taken many pictures lately because we haven't done anything fun! Anyway, a few weeks ago, we got some snow! It was very exciting for the kids-and me too! Right before AJ left for work, he took the kids in the sled around our backyard.

 Lily had fun, Jameson, not so much.
 Out to the front yard we went to play in some fresh snow! I would say that Lily is trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue, but that would be a lie. She just made a weird face.
 Jameson happy at the moment!

 Yay for a family picture!
My little clean up boy. He was crying before this picture and just stood in the yard bawling. I think he just didn't like feeling snow on his face!! What is with that boy not liking snow and sand?! Anyway, after I just told him to go in the garage he found this broom and came and outside and started "cleaning up" (in his words.) Anyway, we were probably only outside for 20 minutes but the we had fun!