Monday, February 13, 2012

Lily is 5!!!

Today is our sweet Lily's 5th birthday! I can't believe she is 5! Where has the time gone?! I know I'll be saying that every year, but really, it's just crazy. She is so old! I remember giving birth to her like it was yesterday! Don't worry, I won't go into those details :) We had a pretty low-key day today, but did go out to Paddington's for pizza-her choice! She opened a couple presents and then had ice cream for dessert. This weekend is the family party where we will do some more celebrating! Here's a little look back in time of our little Lily Mae:
 First Halloween and my little mermaid! She was 8 months.
 This was around Easter time. Still not waking and she was almost 1 1/2!
 9 month photo session-love her grin and chubby cheeks!
 2 years at Christmas time!
 3 years old.
 4th birthday in Disneyland-Um, seriously, this girl goes there so much!
 Our 5 year old waking up to her floor covered in balloons! The kids have had a blast playing with them all day!
Blowing out her candle in her ice cream.
We'll have more pictures to come after her party!! Happy Birthday Lily! We love you so much and are SO thankful God has given you to us. You are a sweet girl who loves her family, friends, and Jesus! We are thrilled you ended your 4th year with accepting Jesus into your heart! You are a special girl! Love you!