Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Lately...

I love my kids. Especially when they play so nicely with each other!! Of course they aren't perfect and they have a sin nature, so we do experience the fighting and arguing. It's amazing how young they pick up on that! Anyway, they were being especially cute the other day playing with each other that I grabbed a picture of them!
 Stickers on their faces. Weird? Yes. But, they were having fun and that's all that matters!
 I'm the worst auntie ever and have never blogged about my sweet nephew Colton!!! I will have to do that because I have lots of pictures from when he was born! Anyway, this was before Christmas and we got to watch cousin Colton for the evening. He is 5 months now! The kids LOVE him! Especially Lily. She is a little mama to him!
 Double fisting it. Juice in one, milk in the other.
 This was our lame-o attempt at announcing to family we were pregnant. AJ had this idea of having a picture from the "future" (from the movie Back to the Future....yah, didn't quite work!) Anyway, we took this photo and then at the bottom super-imposed a date stamp of when my due date is. We randomly stopped by the parents' house and I said to them, "look at this funny picture I found." Because I was so nervous/excited I couldn't think of anything clever to say! Oh well, they eventually got it! :)
 Oh Jameson, what am I going to do with you?! I was helping Lily take a shower and as we were coming out of the bathroom I see Jameson in his room, putting lotion so carefully into his hair. And if you look closely you can see some by his mouth. I asked if he tasted it, he said, "Yup." Awesome.
First belly shot at 11 1/2 weeks!!! YAY! Ok, yes I know I'm huge already. BUT, according to my doctor, my body thinks it's having twins still as my uterus is larger than should be based on how far along I am. TMI? Ah well, it's my blog and I can write what I want! :) My doctor said it'll take about 6 weeks (which was 2 weeks ago so now it'll only be 4 more weeks) for my body and baby to catch up with my uterus. Plus, we make big babies! May I remind you how big Jameson was? 9 lbs, 12 1/2 oz. Yes people, BIG babies. And, it's also my 3rd pregnancy, so there you have it! 


Daisha said...

You're super cute Amanda, even if your belly is bigger than you'd like. You just can't control things like that. And to avoid rude comments when people ask when you are due give them a fake due date so they think you are really small for how pregnant you are :) We should get together soon!

Mikaela said...

My doctor told me just last week to ignore everyone's comments because people are idiots. I love him! Also, at least you get to avoid the awkward look-like-you-gained-a-ton-of-weight-for-no-reason phase. I hang out there forever, and I always hate the in between. You definitely just look all baby, still tiny everywhere else!

Family of 5 said...

yOu are adorable! I can't wait for your new lil one to arrive!!! I lOL at the family pic of the "future" one! Awesome!! :)

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