Monday, March 5, 2012

My Artist

Lily LOVES to draw. She's quite obsessed with it actually! Markers and blank computer paper are her favorites. In fact, my sister-in-law gave Lily a whole pack of blank printer paper for Christmas for her to use! I was tired of her stealing ours! :) Anyway, she draws us pictures all the time and I especially loved this most recent one:

Lily said this is a picture of the baby in my tummy (can you tell she wants a sister?!!) and all the dots around the baby is all the food that I eat and that the baby gets. Pretty smart if you ask me!! She even drew a little bubble around the baby. LOVE IT! Can't believe she'll be going to kindergarten in the fall! What will I do without my little helper around?! :) 


Family of 5 said...

So cute!! She is a very talented lil artist!! So fun to see what they come up with !