Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Snow?!

I know I'm a little late in the game for posting about snow since all my local friends have already blogged about it! Ah well. Last week we saw some beautiful snow falling ALL day on Wednesday. I've never (ok, maybe a few years back when we had that giant snow storm) seen it snow all day without stopping. Crazy! It was so pretty! Thursday we woke up to 6 inches at our house! The kids-who am I kidding? JUST Lily wanted to play in the snow. When I asked Jameson if he wanted to go play in it he said, "No, gross!!" What is with this boy not liking sand OR snow?! I'm hoping we'll head to the beach this summer to get over his dislike of sand! Anyway, here's some snowy pictures for your enjoyment:
 This girl loves playing in it! Can you tell we don't have snow clothes? I mean, it maybe snows in Salem once a year so I don't want to invest in snow clothes. At least she had boots and a hat and coat to keep her warm!
 While Lily was out playing, Jameson was zoning out to Sesame Street. He was perfectly content staying inside!

 Jameson FINALLY said he wanted to go outside! I couldn't believe it. So, I got him all ready to go outside. He very carefully walked outside and stood under our roof-the overhang (or whatever it's called!) He refused to go any further. In fact, if you look in the picture you'll see where he's standing that there is no snow around him! He saw our dog, Charlie, with snow on his back and Jameson said, "Uh-oh!" to him. Then Jameson got a little snow on his boots and again said, "Uh-oh!" After that, he was DONE. Back inside he went. At least we got a picture to document that he did go outside!
 Lily getting ready to go down the slide!
Love her face! Her eyes are completely closed! She did this about 4 times! Charlie was having a blast with her out there too :) And that's our snow adventures!