Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music Man

Jameson is a music lover! This boy has got rhythm running through his body nonstop. Whenever he hears a song, whether it's on the TV, the radio, a cell phone ringing, etc., he starts shaking his body. If he's near his guitar and hears music he'll run and grab his guitar and "jam" along to it. It's so adorable! I really think this boy will be some sort of music prodigy. Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here! But, I do think music will be a part of his life somehow-he takes after his daddy! Enjoy this 50 second clip of Jameson jamming along. Play close attention to his face! Hilarious! :)


just another A3 girl said...

He does have rhythm! I am impressed. He will be great musician someday!

just another A3 girl said...

I just realized I'm not on my blog...this is Jami. I am lame and still use this blog to get to everyone elses blogs. I need to get all of you onto my blog so I can get there easier :)

Unknown said...

How adorable! Love it!