Friday, February 15, 2008

Valetine's Day update

So, I really meant to put this picture with yesterday's blog cause it's Lily's little Valentine to all of you-but I forgot! So here it is a day late-better late then never right?! We had the hardest time getting her to hold that heart perfectly in front of her. I don't know what I was thinking, that she'd just sit still and hold it in the center of her body? Hello! The girl is only 1, not 5! But it worked out in the end.
This is the picture I originally wanted, but you can't really tell that the heart says "i love you". But you can see her cute little face! She got lots of fun valentine's from bot grandmas and a nice card from her great grandma and grandpa! This girl is spoiled! And tomorrow it'll be worse-but yet fun :) Her first birthday party! I'm think I'm more excited than she is! Just working on cleaning the house and going last minute grocery shopping. We still have to buy her a little toy-and we wait till the last minute to do so! Oops! Oh well, she won't know right? Off to dust my house...not my idea of fun, but someone's gotta do it!
PS I forgot to tell you that my husband is AMAZING! We originally said no gifts for V-day, but did he listen? NO! In the morning i had cut out paper hearts that said stuff like "I love the way...." and I filled in the blanks and posted them all over our house. I think there was like 8. Well yesterday evening, he had easter practice at church, so I was meeting the sisters for sushi, and before we left (seperate valentine nights, kinda weird) we gave each other cards. His card said some stuff and at the end it said "Go look in my coat". So I did and inside the pocket was a ring box-but it was empty. He has this giddy look on his face and says come with me to the family room. I could tell he didn't know how to give me this present cause he said "Now hug me and look for it!" Silly AJ. So I reached in his pocket and pulled out a ring! It matches my wedding band, so it has little diamonds on the front of it. And it will go above my wedding ring-so it goes my wedding band, engagement ring, and new band on top! Lots of bling for me! I tried to take a picture but you can't really tell what it is. ( I think I might be asking for a new camera either for my birthday or Christmas!) Anyway, I'll post the pic. later once I get it loaded onto the computer. How great is my hubby though? And all he got were some cheesy paper hearts! But he said he loved them! Oh well. What's a girl to do?!


Pearson's said...

Hey, don't you just love this blogging thing! it's so cool how you end up finding people you grew up with. it was great to see you too. that sucks that you all were sick. hope you are all feeling better. Amanda your little girl is so adorable. She looks alot like her mamma. well let's keep in touch. Jenn (barraclough) ( i don't know if you have kept in touch with here or not) is coming into town we should all get together. keri

Daisha said...

Amanda! I am THRILLED that you found! I actually think about you when I come to Salem and pass by your parents house- do they still live there? Where do you live? I live in Portland. ok i didn't know jenn was coming ot town, but would love a get together with everyone!
Cute little girl!! I'm so gald we can keep in touch! Daisha

Jenn said...

Hey Amanda! I'm home! Yay! Wanna get together Monday or Tuesday with Daisha, Keri, and I? Let me know!

Jenn said...

Ok let's do Tuesday cuz my mom works that day so she can part with the boys, haha. What time works for you? My boys sleep 2-4. Do you guys wanna get together with the kids then maybe do dinner without the kids? What do you think? Let me know!

Palmer Family said...

Hi Amanda! I just saw your comment on Daisha's blog and thought I would say hi! Andrew and I are living in San Diego now while he works his way through grad school. Your little baby girl is too precious!
Jamie (Bachran) Palmer
oh my blog is:

Jenn said...

Ok so I emailed Daisha and the plan is Tuesday, as in tomorrow, at 12pm at Keri's house. Does that work for you? I don't know about dinner that night without the kids, Daisha can't do it and I'm not sure if I can yet. But for sure during the day! Let me know if that works for ya!