Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"I love my new toy!" & pics. for Grandma M.

We took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL sunny weather we had on Monday and took Lily outside to play with her new toy car we got her for her birthday. That time she was outside she learned how to pedal forward AND backward! Our child is a genius (but she still doesn't know how to walk! :) And she's wearing her cute new hat from Auntie Andrea because it was so sunny outside (her and Jeff-her fiance'-came over for lunch on the patio since Jeff was in town for the long weekend.) We had lots of fun and it just makes me look forward to summertime when Lily will be walking and playing outside!

She's making sure to stay far away from Charlie...she likes to be
near him, just as long as he's locked up!

Using her toy to learn to walk behind it (and Auntie Andrea helping her!)
She actually did quite well!

**Next pictures for Great Grandma M: Just wanted to show you
Lily wearing the adorable outfit you gave her:


Daisha said...

Dominic go tthat same "bike" for his 1st birthday- he still loves it! It as so nice to see you and have a chance to catch up!
We'll have to to it again. Daisha